Tarantino’s next film is The Hateful Eight

Rumors out of Hollywood this morning put a title to Quentin Tarantino‘s next film, which he revealed as a western some weeks ago on Jay Leno. According to Deadline Hollywood and The Hollywood Reporter, the new project is called The Hateful Eight, and a draft script has already gone out to potential stars. The project is a western that is unrelated to Django Unchained, but according to the sources, among potential stars two veterans of that picture, Bruce Dern and Christoph Waltz, are being considered for the “Eight”.

As he exclaimed on Leno, he had so much fun doing a western and has learned so much that he wanted to do another one. And while it is not related to Django Unchained, it is indeed great news for all of us who were in fact hoping he would enrich the genre once more. There is no confirmation yet on the project, but some say he might start shooting as early as this summer. Reportedly, veteran casting director Victoria Thomas, who has already worked with him, most recently on Django Unchained, is involved, and Pilar Savone is again slated to produce the picture, most likely together at the Weinsteins.

Bruce Dern is an interesting choice, as his cameo in Django Unchained was an inglourious move and the legendary actor has most recently shown that he can well carry a picture still. To many (including myself) he is one of the grand actors still around and I would be super excited if that worked out indeed. While I am writing this I am actually in Austria, the home of Christoph Waltz, for whom this would be his third collaboration with Quentin after Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. If The Hateful Eight (which could be just a working title) is any indication, this might be an ensemble piece carried by no fewer than eight magnificent (get it?) actors and or actresses.

We’ll update the story in case we can get confirmation. Watch this space and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus.

Sources: Deadline, THR

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  1. GrindFilm says:

    i’m so excited to watch another masterpiece :)

  2. lafucil12 says:

    Awesome title, love the wordplay on magnificent 7!