Quentin Tarantino spills new movie news on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Quentin Tarantino came on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show yesterday, and not only did he introduce the super cool graphic novel that tells the entire story of Django Unchained, and not only did he try food and talk about him about his very first appearance on the show decades ago, no. We’ve already posted this on Facebook and Twitter earlier today as the story broke, he also mentioned what his next movie might be about. Big news, big news. So after you’ve caught your breath, go back in and chill them niggaz out, wait for the cavalry.. no, just kidding. After you’ve caught your breath, here’s what information emerged:

  • It is a Western
  • It is not a Django Unchained sequel

AN UPDATE to this story can be found here (January 12, 2014)

Always take that with a pinch of salt, this is way to early in the “Tarantino mentions what he’s doing next” process to nail the maestro down on it, but he was unusually clear about it, so you might consider this to be really solid news. Drew at Hitfix has a few thoughts of what it could be, anything from a movie taking place in Australia, to a John Brown picture to – who knows – 40 Lashes Less One.

Find a few pictures of him on the show below, all courtesy of NBCUniversal, and here are the links to some YouTube clips from the show’s episode. You can watch the entire episode on the Tonight Show website only if you’re accessing the internet from within the US, as the nationalists from their licensing department have shut the rest of the world out: www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/

Clip one: Quentin and Jay talking about how it was when Quentin first came on in 92 to promote Reservoir Dogs

Clip two: Quentin talking about the graphic novel telling the entire story of Django Unchained and revealing what he is working on next, and how is work process looks like, and his coffee mug collection.

Clip three: Oh my… Quentin trying food! And not only that, he’s drinking moonshine on television!


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Photo Credit: THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

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10 Responses

  1. letsdrivehome says:

    what about Kill Bill 3 :(

  2. Terry Craig says:

    I predict it will involve Native Americans and much more scalping than
    in Inglourious Basterds. Especially since he proclaimed his rightful
    hate for John Ford for portraying “faceless Indians” being “killed like
    Although he also did say once he was interested in doing a
    biopic of western-era abolitionist John Brown, so that’s another
    possibility for this film.

    • Cuchillo says:

      So we will get another p.c. minority revenge fantasy bullshit movie.
      Will watch some John Ford masterpieces instead.

      • Terry Craig says:

        So you prefer movies about white people slaughtering natives by a director who appeared in “The Birth of a Nation” (as a Klansman), that’s great.

      • Cuchillo says:

        Live is easy, when you are a little simple minded. Aint it ?


      • Terry Craig says:

        I didn’t say Ford made bad movies, I can appreciate some of his stuff (I admire The Birth of a Nation for its artistic techniques as well for that matter), but the fact is that he helped promote the typical Hollywood image of the savage, sub-human Indian. And if somebody (whether it’s Tarantino or not) finally made a big, kickass flick with Native Americans as protagonists, I’d say “it’s about f*cking time,” and not say that I’d rather watch f*cking John Ford.

      • Cuchillo says:

        1. There are not even Indians, in my favorite Ford movies.
        2. Not all Indians were innocent victims.Some of them were
        pretty gruesome bastards.
        3. Tarantino´s obsession with revenge gets boring. He lost his
        mojo long time ago. But who cares with the Weinsteins making
        tons of money and fans like you.
        4. And yes, i rather watch the weakest Ford movie,before i torture
        myself with another nonsense by your guru Tarantino.

      • Anders Makoto says:

        Indians live in India, a south Asian country, maybe that’s why. And its comforting to see how even when you dislike so much an author, you still read and watch videos about him :) But I’m sure you are a very smart person.

      • Cuchillo says:

        Indians live in India. What a pseudo clever bullshit.
        But you are right. I am a very smart person.

  3. Sheikara Gray says:

    Moonshine over a western. Sounds delish!!