Quentin Tarantino donates most amazing item to Tibet House charity auction

Ever wanted to wander the hallowed grounds of a set of a Quentin Tarantino movie? Ever wanted to meet Senor T in person? What about the premiere of his new movie, you’d want to attend that wouldn’t you? Well… have we got something for you.

Quentin donated just that as an auction item for charity. To be part of this, you have to bid  at Charity Buzz via the following link: http://chrty.bz/IgPSOc

You can still purchase tickets to the auction event at  https://boomset.com/apps/eventpage/2651

The link also holds further info on the auction, held as a charity for TIBET HOUSE US. Please spread the word, and let us know if you got the winning bid! There are still 22 days left to place it.


Tarantino XX

Own it now!

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Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives and has been a fan and observer of QT for over two decades now, cherishing his work and the window in the the wider world of cinema his movies have opened up. Inspired as such, he runs the Spaghetti Western Database (SWDb), the Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb), Furious Cinema, its German sister Nischenkino and The Robert Rodriguez Archives. He lives in Berlin.

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3 Responses

  1. Jack Nick Olsen says:

    So, he didn’t actually donate any item then, did he?

  2. Sheikara Gray says:

    What a good cause Tibet is! I would have love to see his set and bid . I really wanted that cool million, I would do all that. Some may say he is insensitive ,but this makes them think again!

  3. Ashley Arrington says:

    “revenge is a dish best served cold.”