The Movie Critic is scrapped

I woke up to some sad news this morning, as the trades are reporting Quentin has dropped The Movie Critic as his final film, and is going back to the drawing board. The movie was supposed to be his 10th and final film, once again diving into the meta movie world of the 70s. Some A-list names have been circulating the project, such as Paul Walter Hauser, Brad Pitt and even Tom Cruise were rumored. Last week it seemed production was set to start this fall. Then this news.

According to Deadline and THR, tip of the hat also to The Playlist, the movie had morphed into somewhat of an off-shoot to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, with Pitt reprising his role as Cliff Booth in this project that as far as we know was primarily however about the titular movie critic, a character based on a real life film critic Quentin liked back in the days. Not too much else was known about the project.

Now apparently Quentin has changed his mind and will no longer make this film as his next and final one. Too little is known about the project (at least from what can be gathered, and I honestly don’t know more, either), to form a good judgement about this decision, but one thing is for certain: we know Quentin Tarantino as an auteur filmmaker who sinks heart and soul into his projects, the bigger ones he refers to as climbing mountains, if he’s not convinced or certain enough and drops a project, he has good reasons for that. And more often than not, ideas will eventually morph into something else probably, or these ideas need more marinating time. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I do recommend you read Cinema Speculation if you haven’t already.

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  1. orges pajo says:

    i dont know how to contact him but there is an anime called ‘trigun’ following a protagonist named vash the stampede. I believe would make the perfect final movie (or.. in kill bill style, two parts) – he has previously worked with austin butler who i believe could play the role. it has action, fantasy, and his signature spaghetti western is a common motif. For which, I think charley crocket ‘the man from waco’ would be a great theme for a soundtrack. that is all

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