New international Django Unchained trailers and footage

While the internet is still not over the first full Django Unchained trailer released last week (and that is a good thing), we just stumbled across what appears to be a trailer teaser put out by the international Django Unchained website. I say appears to be, because it seems to be incomplete (at only 20 seconds) and there are no company logos, movie title or anything attached. Maybe it is just to increase our appetite. At any rate, it shows known footage from a few other angles, but it also adds a bit of previously unseen stuff. UPDATE – SCROLL DOWN FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAILERS. We get a first look at Billy Crash (Walton Goggins) and some other angles from Candieland’s interior, and Sheba’s posterior if you pardon the wordplay. After you watched it you can check out The Playlist’s “inside the trailer” (but it seems they got Remar instead of Russo, and Laura Cayouette where it isn’t her, but still worth reading)

Check it out here:

Django Unchained international trailer teaser


Here is the international English-trailer, debuted first by Sony Pictures India


Even more exciting, here is the official Italian trailer. Even if you don’t understand Italian, you will notice a lot of differences and there are many new revelations, for the first time we see Samuel L. Jackson and a few other characters.

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