Cannes – The Day After

What a night it must have been at the Inglourious Basterds premiere. Just to give you a few impressions, here’s a few things you can look at: a) Pictures from the premiere red carpet event, see Tarantino dance! b) Part 1 and 2 of the press conference (some pictures) c) another feature on the premiere with the red carpet arrivals and Quentin Tarantino‘s crazy dance! Even though reviews so far were sort of mixed, we’ve hardly seen bad reviews aside from the usual haters, and I’d say from what I’ve read, a significant number of people loved the movie for what it is: Tarantino’s ultimate Spaghetti Western cum WW2 epic, with acting that dazzled even the haters. I have yet to see this ‘magnum opus’ however. Dive into our forums to discover more links to reviews and discuss with other fans. Please feel free to send us links to reviews and pictures and videos, we’ll try to include all material we can get our hands on for The Archives. Peace out, Basterds!

Update: Here’s a nice clip from AFP, and here’s the “I’m God” clip. And here’s the dance again:

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