Inglourious Basterds is out in theaters – and business is a-boomin’

Basterds(Updated) – So, have you been to the movies yet? Go see Inglourious Basterds, you basterds. Personally, I will probably go tonight and see the movie for the third time, this time with a “regular” audience. I’m excited. I’m gonna give you another run-down of Basterds news, reports, reviews and the like, below. But have you clicked here and seen our Basterds soundtrack giveaway? Don’t miss winning a 7″ vinyl!

If you’ve seen those awesome Kill Bill posters in recent years, or the Hell Ride poster, or if you’re a frequent Mondo Tees shopper, you probably know who Tyler Stout is. He made some Basterds posters (limited to about 400 pieces I think) that you can check out here. The LA Times has a nice article about Basterds here,  and a gallery about “tough jews in cinema” right here. Ropeofsilicon has a nice list of cool Tarantino characters, to mix this wrap-up a bit. Wearemoviegeeks has some great Tarantino dialogue on display. And can you imagine a world without Tarantino movies?  I can’t. The MSN movie blog has a great interview with Quentin (also found this at Kim Morgan’s personal blog, she’s the interviewer). OregonLive has a nice article on Tarantino, too. CNN’s Screening Room has an article on the much-heralded Chris Waltz, and so does AICN, while Slashfilm has an interview up with Eli Roth, Joblo has him talking about Thanksgiving already. But they also have a video interview with Samm Levine. Click here to read a bit about Tarantino’s favorite war movies, and head over to Vulture magazine’s smack-down between Castellari’s Bastards and Tarantino’s Basterds. Fangoria has a great interview with Quentin Tarantino.

Okay now, DailyNews give the movie 4/5 stars (review) – they also have another nice article and interview here, just like the Washington Examiner (review) and the News-Democrat (review). LaSalle at the Chronicle calls it QT’s best movie (review). Roper gives it 4.5/5 stars (review) and his pal Roger Ebert gives it 4 stars as well (review). The Local gives an overview over the mostly very positive reviews by German critics. Firstshowing calls it Tarantino’s masterpiece (review). Slashfilm, while having their reservations about a few aspects of the film, give it a solid 7/10 points (review). Bill Goodykoontz at the Arizona Republic gives it a whoppin’ 4/5 stars (review) and calls Chris Waltz “so good he can (and does) creep you out by merely asking for a glass of milk.”

I expect to get more reviews in during the course of the day, and I will update this spot rather than post a new article, so watch out :)

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