Inglorious Bastards DVD review

After The Dirty Dozen was released in 1967, it was a big smash in Europe and it soon spawned a whole bunch of remakes by Italian directors. In the late 70s, Italian master director Enzo G. Castellari did his own spin on the “men on a mission” film with Quel Maledetto Treno Blindatto aka The Inglorious Bastards. Being an incredible stylist of cinema, Il Maestro Castellari brought a wild, raucous vision of war to the screen and the film has since become a cult classic for film geeks. […] For fans of Euro exploitation cinema and Macaroni Combat (Italian war-action films), Inglorious Bastards is a must see. This 3 Disc set is a real treat and should be in every fans collection. Severin Films did an excellent job putting it all together. I really hope to see many more of these kinds of great genre releases from them in the future! Click here to read the whole review

Peter Roberts

Peter is the editor in chief at the Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb) and staff writer at, he is a long time cineast and lives in Massachusetts.

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