Tarantino’s Star Trek – it’s all happening!

You’ve either been sleeping under a rock these last few days – or you’ve already read all of this, because you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter or you read Deadline regularly. So not only is Quentin Tarantino prepping his 9th feature motion picture he just sold successfully to Sony Pictures (we hope to reveal the title sooner rather than later), he also had an idea for a Star Trek movie that he pitched to JJ Abrams (Deadline broke this). Subsequently, a writer’s room was assembled, and today we’re hearing that Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams said yes to Quentin’s obvious requirement that the movie be rated R, and there’s also a screenwriter in talks, none other than Mark L. Smith, who penned The Revenant. Does that sound exciting? No? Well Deadline also claims that QT is still in talk to maybe even direct the movie himself. Wow, Star Trek. Q is of course a huge Star Trek buff, don’t believe us, here’s an audio clip from The Nerdist podcast (click here for the whole thing, they start talking about Star Trek a little over the 1 hour mark) where he goes a bit into that:

And well, you all remember how Kill Bill started (click here for more movie references in that movie):

….this is of course from The Wrath of Khan.….  Of the Star Trek reboot movies, I personally think the first one was really great and a breath of fresh air, but then it all went kinda downhill. Enter Quentin, here to save the day, steering the franchise away from the lens flares and the slapstick and deep into Ricardo Montalban style geekdom. Fans … rejoice? Whether or not he’ll actually direct it, I am sure he has some damn good ideas to have Paramount and Abrams all down with it :)

QT kinda holds a similar view on the reboot movies as I do, listen in:


Reading The Quentin Tarantino Archives you’re always gonna be on the safe side. We’re a hobby project so we’re not always gonna be the first one out the door with stories, like 100 “news” outlets copy a story within minutes, but you can be damn sure that we’ll take the time to check it, provide you with context, sometimes confirm or get exclusives, or as is the case with #9 we’ll compile all the facts for you, minus the fiction. Stay tuned my friends, let’s see where this project is headed… join our forums to discuss.

Sources: Deadline and… Deadline

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  1. Andreas Adamus says:

    He should make a Star Wars movie. It fits more to the stuff he made before. Boutyhunters, Warriors, Gangstaz in griddy Environment. Maybe use the Script of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, put a drunken Jedi into and good. But Star Trek? Trekkies want to have Teletubbys in Space Mothafkrs!!!