Inglorious Bastards split in two, too?

Sometimes I hate my job. Just like now. We get rumors after rumors and then you have to decide whether a certain rumor is credible enough to even talk about it. In this case, there’s the usual blown-up scoop from Aint it  Cool News, talking for almost a page long about an interview of Enzo Castellari and Quentin Tarantino on the upcoming American DVD release of the original Inglorious Bastards. So according to AICN’s description of that 40 minute interview on the DVD (the European releases do not have this extra), Inglorious Bastards (Tarantino’s) will more or less pick up where the original left off, but the material is so much, that Quentin decided to make it two movies. Just like Kill Bill, you say. Inglorious BastardsAll the casting rumors we’ve heard the last couple of months (and years) seem to be nothing but rumors. The problems I am having with this report, which might come from Harry Knowles but the article bears no signature, even though I haven’t seen the interview he writes about, is that out of the experience over the years a) not everything Quentin talks enthusiastically about is necessarily a path of action he will follow right the day after and b) as long as it isn’t happening, I will call this speculation. Not to mention c) considernig the amount of hits AICN gets, Amazon’s commission on DVD sales from the huge link he placed at the bottom of the article, blowing this up to a high profile article might have financial motivation again. But hell, I am really cynical today. I’m looking forward to seeing this interview and I hope to hear more from Quentin’s direction about what is actually happening with this movie (or two movies?). We’ll keep you posted, in the meantime, you can head over to The Deuce‘s article entry on Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato, as Castellari’s film is called in Italian.

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