Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema to reopen this December

I love the New Beverly Theater. If I lived in LA, I’d probably be there every night – or move in. The revival house Quentin Tarantino took over several years ago, to save it from bankruptcy, has been closed for a while for improvements (we’re just as excited as local movie lovers what those might entail). They’ve not been quiet, as their social media channels have put out a more than constant flurry of movie-related articles, pictures, birthday greetings, trivia and much more. Today they finally posted a target date for the big re-opening:

I remember the first time I went there was a for the traditional Christmas grindhouse double feature when I got to sit next to Clu Gulagher. The second time I think was for a double creature feature. It’s the kind of movie theater we love, the kind that shows 35mm only, and the kind (at least it used to be, not sure if still is) you could bring your own beer to the show. So if you’re even visiting LA or even if you live there and you never went…. you better get your shit together and visit the new NewBev once it reopens this Christmas season :)

Here’s a video I found on YouTube from a few years back that might give you an idea:

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