Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood teaser trailer

The teaser trailer is here for Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood! I’ll let you calm down for a sec, or you’re already clicking play and watching. Anyway, there was some chatter last Thursday already and those rumors have turned out to be true, so here we are. In full glory, the first look at Tarantino’s 9th. The teaser has Bruce Lee fighting Brad Pitt, it has Leonardo di Caprio crying, it has some Hullaballoo and some classic Western shoot-outs. What’s not to love?

Update: Having watched it multiple times we can say that this is by far one of the greatest teaser trailers of a Tarantino movie we know, and we are absolutely in love! And we got some more stuff:

Click here to read all there is to know about the movie, of course we’re gonna update those pages with what we’re learning along the way, so check back regularly. We’re tremendously happy to once again celebrate the moment of a new Tarantino movie teaser trailer, we well remember the good old days, as this website is just old enough to have been part of the internet’s birth to the teaser trailer for Kill Bill, and all the subsequent QT flicks after that one.

Go explore the Hollywood of 1969, also do read Furious Cinema’s Entering New Hollywood article.

If you missed the news about the first and the second teaser poster, here they are once more:

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood

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  1. Sheikara says:

    I’m excited , I hope it comes to my city.