Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood teaser poster

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

It’s here and it looks indeed like a draft of it that leaked a few days ago… this is the teaser poster for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. While we were expecting a teaser trailer to hit today (it could still happen), it’s great to see some form of marketing for the film slowly picking up. Maybe that’s just the beginning of a whole bunch of things. Quentin Tarantino‘s 9th is all Hollywood, all 1969 of course, and so the retro style of the poster (even though it is fairly simplistic and doesn’t scream Photoshop master class, some other outlets have noticed this as well) is quite fitting. It boasts the film’s top billed stars, and rightfully so: even though we miss Margot Robbie on it, the movie isn’t about Sharon Tate.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood teaser poster

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  1. Joey Barrera says:

    Please don’t change a thing in the way you make film. I’m a huge fan!! I live all your movies. Can you send a signed poster… please. 926 Ella St. Apt#1 Bridgevillle,pa 15017…. your biggest fan Joe