Super awesome Tarantino just wrapped his movie and also got married

We recently got very busy scouring the web for news on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, for which you can find all the facts following this link, and even though there wasn’t all that much to go on (follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get latest updates or join our forums), …. this week the gauntlet got dropped.

The movie wrapped on Monday. It’s in the can, people. The countdown begins to July next year. All bets are off when a first teaser trailer might hit, when more still photos will be released, and so on. Follow the Tarantino Archives for most trustworthy updates on the 9th masterpiece by el senor Quentin Tarantino.

Then, last night, he married his fiancee Daniella Pick (see image) in Los Angeles, as People Magazine reports. We congratulate the two on their luck, and wish them lots of joy, luck, success, health and happiness (and possibly some cinephile offspring). The two got engaged in 2017 in what turned out to be a lavish Pulp Fiction reunion party. In case you’re wondering who sat on the groom’s side and who sat on the bride’s side, we really don’t know, we just hope Rufus played a few tunes….
Picture by Curtis Dahl, People exclusive, click the link to their article for a high quality color version.

We’ll be back with more news in a bit, for now that’s all we wanted to share, see you on the social media or do join our Forums.

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