Once Upon a Time in Hollywood full trailer

It’s here. While people are probably about to head to the Cannes theater to see the world premiere of Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, Sony Pictures was kind enough to drop the full theatrical trailer for the movie in our laps about an hour ago. And what a trailer it is. While the teaser pointedly set the scene, the trailer gives us a better picture of the tone and theme of the film, it showcases some of the characters, and gives us a glimpse at the ups (Rick Dalton frying Nazis with a flame thrower!?) and downs (he thinks he is a has-been), as well as the perks (PlayBoy mansion) and downsides (a killing spree on Cielo Drive at the hands of the Manson cult) of living in Hollywood, 1969. Dive in, dig it, rewind, watch again, this is the trailer for Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood.

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Sebastian H

Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives. He lives in Berlin. He also runs the SWDb and GCDb, Furiouscinema.com, robert-rodriguez.info and nischenkino.de

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