Full new Hateful Eight Trailer hits


Amid the ongoing right-wind media backlash against maestro Quentin Tarantino over his participation in an anti-police-brutality rally, the Weinstein Company have dropped a new, well-cut and energetic new The Hateful Eight trailer, which you should watch… right now!

The Hateful Eight

Whereas the previous teaser merely set the mood, and introduced the characters, this one goes a bit further. I don’t wanna say it reveals too much – it doesn’t – but it clearly sets out the scope of the troubles awaiting the temporary occupants of Minnie’s Haberdashery. There’s one or more troublemakers among these hateful eight, and it’s gonna turn sour, we know that. This trailer let’s you know it’s gonna get ugly, and it’s gonna get beautifully ugly in 70mm for those lucky few who’ll ever gonna see the movie this way.

In Reservoir Dogs shit went haywire and the audience is left to wonder, just like the protagonists, what went wrong. The Hateful Eight let’s shit go haywire and we’re gonna see it, but it’ll still take us a while to figure out what exactly is going wrong and why and who’s interested in what. What we love most about the trailer is that it is edited really well, so well that it is hard to actually make some screenshots. Watch it a couple times, there’s lots to discover!

It’s gonna be a bloody christmas.

The Hateful Eight

Oh and back to those political issues. Quentin has since talked to the LA Times and to MSNBC, and if after reading and watching his statements carefully, unless you’re Fox News brainwashed, take it for what it is (and calm the heck down): an overdue stance by a celebrity on a really important political issue. In the history of this website we’ve unfortunately never seen so many hateful comments and stupid emails sent our way. If all those unnerved souls out there would be only half as agitated over actual people dying out there, actual violence, actual brutality, as they are over a political statement (by an auteur of fictitious violence) they don’t agree with because it doesn’t fit their limited Talk Radio horizon, then pity them….. case closed.

The Hateful Eight

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