Exclusive: Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films of 2011

Last year we posted something that almost crashed our servers and caused huge ripples around the internet: Quentin Tarantino‘s list of his favorite films of 2010 (click here to read). There were some controversial choices and some omissions in the opinions of a lot of commenters, and the discussions were very active. Even earlier, during his filming of Inglourious Basterds he let us have lists of his top 20 favorite Spaghetti Westerns (click here to read) and exploitation films (click here to read), and now that the new year is upon us, we have been receiving some emails whether Q will once more come down from the mountain he is currently climbing like Moses and bestow his judgement upon last years cinematic works. He is currently out and about filming his new movie Django Unchained, with Jamie Foxx, Leo DiCaprio and a whole ensemble cast of amazing actors, to bring it to theaters before the end of the year, just in time for christmas. And you know what… here it is, Quentin Tarantino’s list of favorite movies last year, just in time for the awards season.

But hold! This time it is an official Top 11 (12 to be exact, it includes one tie), and there are some goodies attached below! This is now a full awards show ladies and gents, there are some other categories, some best director and writer awards in there as well. Santa brought a whole bag! Special Thanks to Quentin for taking some time off and compiling this list!

The Quentin Tarantino Archives is proud to present….

Quentin Tarantino’s official Top Eleven of 2011

Red State1. Midnight In Paris
2. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
3. Moneyball
4. The Skin I Live In
5. X-Men: First Class
6. Young Adult
7. Attack The Block
8. Red State
9. Warrior
10. The Artist / Our Idiot Brother (tie)
11. The Three Musketeers

Others he liked (no particular order)

The Iron Lady
Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Captain America
The Descendants
My Week With Marilyn
Fast Five
Tree Of Life
The Hangover Part II
Mission Impossible 4
The Beaver
The Sitter
War Horse

Nice Try Award

Drive Angry
Real Steel

Best Director

Pedro Almodovar
Bennett Miller
Woody Allen
Jason Reitman
Michel Hazanavicius

Best Original Screenplay

Midnight In Paris
Young Adult
Red State
Attack The Block
Our Idiot Brother

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Skin I live In
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
X-Men: First Class

That concludes this year’s Tarantino awards! Fire away in the comments below, does Quentin’s list match your own? Personally, I loved Midnight in Paris, I left the theater totally dazzled, what an amazing movie, I am happy he thinks the same way. Make sure you also follow us on our social media channels, and dive into the Community to exchange with other fans. We’ll be back with more Django news shortly (some also posted on Facebook and the likes). Happy New Year you Basterds!

PS: Have you checked out Furious Cinema yet? You should!

Sebastian H

Sebastian H

Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives. He lives in Berlin. He also runs the SWDb and GCDb, Furiouscinema.com, robert-rodriguez.info and nischenkino.de

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312 Responses

  1. Avatar PulpTruth94 says:

    He never ceases to surprise me. Love that he picked Midnight In Paris as 1!

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I’m a little surprised ‘Drive’ didn’t get in the ‘Top Five’ catagory. Other than that, totally agree.

  3. Surprised he didn’t like Sucker Punch. It felt like a really expensive CG B-movie. 

    • Avatar Jrdata2k says:

      Sucker punch was horrible! One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen… They could have made a great movie but obviously decided character development and having any semblance of a story didn’t matter when you have action scenes.. Pointless embellishment… It’s like they convinced themselves it was actually meaningful… Such a waste.. Left me thinking ‘What the hell just happened?!’

  4. Very surprising wins. I also loved Midnight in Paris, Planet of the Apes, Moneyball, X-Men: First Class, and Warrior.

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Potiche was awful

  6. Avatar Joey D. says:

    What about RATLINE, SINISTER, and DINO WOLF?

  7. Avatar Malik says:

    I’d like to hear his reasoning.

  8. MEEK’S CUTOFF a bad film? It was better than CAPTAIN AMERICA, ATTACK THE BLOCK, GREEN HORNET and especially GREEN LANTERN (that was truly awful). But then that is just my opinion.

    My top 10 of 2011 list: http://tiny.cc/u9gpf

  9. Avatar guest says:

    Drive in the ‘Nice Try’ category is a joke. When Green Lantern and Green Hornet are in his considerations for best movie of 2011, just lol.

    • The Green Hornet was the sort of film you’d expect from the trip-ier end of the 1960s put into a blender with the stoner comedies of the Noughties and was hysterical, heart-breaking and outstandingly thrilling!

      • Avatar DopplerFilms says:

        Green Hornet’s budget illustrates the problem with Hollywood’s business mode, huge budgets despite increasing offshoring as much special effects, set designs, shooting, etc as possible:
        $120,000,000 to make, Gross BO $98,780,042
        Green Lantern as well
        $200,000,000 to make, $219,851,172 BO

        VS the 1980s:
        B-Grade :Escape from NY – cost $6 mill Gross= $26 mill
        Franchise : Back from the Future – **$19 mill, BO gross=$350 mill**
        Auteur film :Full Metal Jacket- $17 mill, BO gross $46 mill

    • Avatar Kinogod says:

      Exactly. Drive was far better than many of his so called fav films of 11. With QT we always thought we’d gt 3 chords and the truth, but the green hornet & lantern were both unwatchable.

      • Avatar chapman says:

        listen bud i enjoyed drive it was a little over hyed becasue its not a for everyone film i tod my dad he wont like it 50 times before he watched it and my dad only watches 5 films a year but becaue of alll the hype he actually wen out and bought it …. but to say that his choice of green lantern and captain america are wrong your just retarted he loves comics and probally love a superhero movie wen he sees one … they cant all be dark knight jerkoff

    • Avatar Klwn_4 says:

      Think the good Tarantino wished he made Drive himself ;)

    • Avatar guest says:

      Drive was one of the most overrated pieces of garbage I have ever had the misfortune of watching. It had atrocious pacing, long pauses that built no feeling, they were just for no reason. Seriously, I’m not usually one of those people who criticizes movies for being slow, but when the slowness isn’t fitting, it just seems like the movie could be compressed to 1/3 of its length and make an amazing short.

      • Avatar AlexDeLarge says:

        Guest, you sir, are a moron.

      • Avatar guest says:

        nice try, tarantino.

      • Avatar Adam Quinn says:

        When he says Nice Try he means they used things that he does in his films. They were influenced by him and somewhat “bit his style” (copied him) That was easy to see from just watching five minutes of Hannah.

        Nice try means “Nice try but you’re still not me!” 


      • Avatar Drifter says:

        How can one copy Tarantino’s style when his style is the style of several put in a blender anyway? If that really is what the “Nice Try” award is then that reinforces the idea that Tarantino is an arrogant douche.

      • Avatar chapman says:

        dude tarentino style is of his own you moron … only thing he bites off other filmakers is maybe some music or a certain way to film a shot … his style of writing is of his own and the ony thing that did inspire his writing is elmore leonard who is a novelist not a film maker ….. everyone is influenced by people and takes thhe good and the bad and crafts ther own shit tarentino just has no problem tlaking about it

      • Avatar 1980CHAMPS says:

        Funny considering there is NOTHING original in QT’s films. His movies are considered original because they are scattered buffet tables of movies that most mainstream audiences haven’t seen.

      • Avatar Cunt says:

        You’re fucking stupid

      • Avatar 1980CHAMPS says:

        God bless the short attention span youth raised on Michael Bay. When there isn’t an edit every 2 seconds the ADHD generation is bored.

    • Avatar Mcclaine says:

      Drive is sooooooooooooo overrated… Nice photography, that’s all.

  10. Avatar Duncan Houst says:

    Quentin, you and I should not get in a room together. I may not be able to forgive you for calling “Meek’s Cutoff” one of the worst of 2011.

  11. Avatar Tyler Foster says:

    It would be nice to know what it is he liked and didn’t like about the movies, if only a sentence each. It would provide more insight on his choices.

  12. Avatar Patricia says:

    Pleasantly surprised at the recognition for The Three Musketeers!

  13. Avatar Dai Green says:

    Hmm… I kind of find this list a bit laughable. 

    • Avatar Xen says:

      I completely agree with the pointlessness of “Top” lists because no one has seen every movie that came out in 2011, so we have absolutely no idea what other films they are comparing to.   That’s why I list and rank every film I’ve seen theatrically in 2011.   

      It’s simple: You basically make a tournament style where you pit every movie against each other and ask yourself, “Which of these two movies mean more to me?”  Then you have a ranking of all the films you have seen.    THAT is the way it should be done.   Though I don’t have a column, nor am I popular enough to even care enough to start one.   I just post in talkbacks of others like QT and Harry Knowles of AICN.   

  14. Avatar Dingy05 says:

    what a joke.

  15. Avatar Stephen Landry says:

    Midnight in Paris at number #1? I think I agree

  16. Avatar Anonymous says:

    three musketeers? red state? green lantern/hornet? ugh. i think not.

  17. Avatar magazine79 says:

    Thank you for another incredible list on my favourite website!

  18. Avatar Roulette says:

    Now I have some movies to catch up on. Make my own decisions, although it seems like I agree from what I have seen.

  19. Avatar Harshu says:

    WTF…u liked Green Lantern and Fast Five?

  20. Avatar Rob Simpson says:

    …And Here I was thinking Tarantino knew his mustard when it came to movies. Clearly I was wrong. The three Musketeers one of the years best, Insidious, Rampart and Meek’s Cutoff the years worst? Just no Quentin, Just no.

    • Avatar Danny says:

      I can’t tell you how much fun it is to hear someone say “Q. T. doesn’t know from movies.” 

    • Avatar Sundialpictures says:

       Oh thank god.  I am so glad he put Meek’s Cutoff on his year’s worst.  I couldn’t stand that butt-numbing picture.  It was only 90 minutes long but it felt like it went on for five times that length.

  21. Avatar afan says:

    Hanna was the best movie of the year.

    1. Hanna
    2. Adjustment Bureau
    3. Super
    4. Take Me Home Tonight
    5. Midnight In Paris

  22. Avatar Malibu Donghonkey says:

    Three Muskateers? Seriously? Over a similarly silly but actually amazing films like Thor?

  23. Avatar Xen says:

    I’m shocked that he put Sucker Punch in the Worst column.   It’s the best film of the year.   I’m baffled that he didn’t get it.  I thought for sure that QT would understand and defend that movie.      Quentin, if you read this, baby, IT’S YOU.

  24. Quentin’s list is pretty fucking preposterous! We all know Rooney Mara in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the best film of the year, and in fact it is one of the best performances by an actress, in the fucking decade. I will agree about Drive and Hanna, in his “nice try” award, because I felt they were trying to be too much like a Quentin Tarantino movie, in terms of how they try to use certain styles of “cool”, that Q is known to do better than anyone else. And in fact, when I saw Drive, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch it again, because the whole movie just drains itself out, same with Hanna.

    But he does have some preposterous films like Green Hornet, Red State, and Attack The Block. I mean, these movies are pretty fucking stupid to say the least. Perhaps, because his friends were in them, which is the most reasonable explenation for these choices. And The Three Musketeers, I understand there is a reference to this in Django Unchained, and Christoph Waltz was also in it with the amazingly, gorgeous, godess, that is Milla Jovovich (drooling, and fapping…fapping! FAPPED!) Ugh…..where was I…..

    Oh, yeah, hey Quentin! Why didn’t you choose The Girl With Dragon Tattoo, I love movies too, and I thought this was the best film of 2011.

    That is all. Can’t wait for DJANGO UNCHAINED! 

    • Avatar Will J says:

      Completely agree. Something tells me this isn’t a legit list, Tarantino has got to have better taste than to put ‘Three musketeers’ as a fav.

      • Avatar GregDinskisk says:

        Maybe he’s one of those few people who isn’t always with the majority… I for instance can’t sit through a sitting of Titanic, while most others I know love it. I love Hugo, which most people do, but others don’t. We’re all granted opinions. It’s interesting knowing what movies likes, right?

        It’s also possible he hasn’t seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…

  25. Avatar John Madden says:

    I firmly believe that Quentin has not seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or it would be on his “Best of” list.

  26. Yo know, I’m actually pretty fucking glad he enjoyed a Paul WS Anderson movie! I actually love Paul WS Anderson movies, and the fact that he puts Milla Jovovich in every single one of his movies. Oh…yeah and Christoph Waltz was in 3 Musketeers as well..

  27. Avatar Adrián Gómez Esteban says:

    “The skin I live in”, “Attack the block” and “The artist” are also in my favourite movies list. Here it is: 
    http://escritorioenobras.com/2012/01/mis-favoritas-del-2011-siete-peliculas-imprescindibles/ (in spanish).

  28. How someone of your stature can claim THE THREE MUSKETEERS to be worthy of one of the best films of the year is frankly beyond me. Interesting to see DRIVE as a ‘nice try’, but GREEN LANTERN as a film you considered for top 10 glory…

    My top 10 of 2011 list: http://tiny.cc/u9gpf

  29. Avatar Phil says:

    I totally disagree with Drive not being in the top 10 and involving the Green Lantern in anything other than “Worst something” is inexplicable…. check out my top 10 

  30. Avatar Steve Hazen says:

    I saw seven of the favorites, totally agree. Saw ‘Midnight in Paris’ 3 times. Loved ‘The Skin I Live In’. ‘The Artist’ was amazing.

  31. Avatar Intheaisleyelling says:

    I think the ‘others considered’ is just movies Quentin saw this year and considered putting in one of the categories, not necessarily that he is listing them as also being great. and the ‘nice try” is honorable mentions.

  32. Avatar Marlboroliteman says:

    If Chistolph Waltz had been in Sucker Punch and Insidious QT would’ve put them in the top 5 best movies of the year list….but I don’t recall seeing him in the Green Lantern, hmmm… anywho it’s an interesting list.

  33. Avatar Marlboroliteman says:

    I expect that McG, Brett Rhatner, Roland Emmerich, and Michael Bay are gonna go balls out to cast Christolph Waltz in their next movies so they can make QT’s best pics list.

  34. Avatar Freddy says:

    For being such a great director, he has a few crappy choices.

  35. Avatar Mike says:

    WTH? He considered Green Lantern, Hangover II, and The Sitter, but Drive and Hanna get the “Nice Try Award?” What a joke.

  36. Avatar Reydok says:

    How about an independent movie or some non-US commercial movie? Like Bullhead?

  37. He hates Insidious yet like The Green Hornet?

  38. Loved Midnight in Paris and several of the others, but really Green Hornet was the worst dreck of the year, and The Sitter was not much better. Agree Moneyball was awesome.

  39. Avatar spaceprophet says:

    Why did you delete the Worst Films category? Too much heat? Too late the original list is all over the Google search.

  40. I thought Quentin had a more diverse taste…

  41. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I thought Midnight in Paris was disappointing–the acting was so bad ( except for Wilson) and the script was trite, shallow and formulaic.

  42. Avatar Rob says:

    I love Tarantino but this list is god awful.

    • Avatar tv says:

      uh yeah, this list is awful because 2011 was an awful year for movies.

      • Avatar Rob says:

        Uh, yeah, if you just rent movies from Redbox….I’m always amused by so called film fans who claim “this was a crappy year” but don’t make any effort to find films that might be a little harder to find..here’s a few to help you

        A Seperation
        Certified Copy
        Uncle Boonmee

      • Avatar guest says:

        three of the five films u’ve mentioned belong to 2010 so u didn’t prove alot. though I also think that 2011 was a good year for films.

      • Avatar Rob says:

        All 5 movies I mentioned were 2011 releases in the US…not sure what country or planet you live on

        Nice reply, Sarzy….you’re obviously an ignorant clown…

      • Avatar Jon says:

        I think you are the ignorant one Rob. I mean if you know the definition of the word actually. You act all offended about his choices, but they were HIS choices, not yours. You have your opinions and he has his. Also, you don’t have to be on a different planet to see the movies released in 2010 in different countries, you actually can access them in the US as well, you just have to not wait for them to hit box offices. Release date and box office date are two different things Rob. 

      • Avatar Rob says:


        First, I am not ” offended” by his choices. As I stated in previous post, with someone as knowledgeable about films based on his interviews, writing and own films, Tarantino’s choices are disappointing. Maybe you and others need to see more films that got released this year to get a better idea of the quality of films that came out.

        Second, I’m not argue about the technological advances that have ocurred over the last couple of years which allow certain people with such capabilities to access

      • Avatar Benjamin S Pond says:

        These are movies. An escape, entertainment. If my cat dies I’m not going to watch Melancholia, I’m going to watch Attack the Block. People love to hate, and I love the movies you chose, and I love the movies Big T chose. I do not love Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1. I do not love Tree of Life. But I watched the latter five times and wrote a lot about it, I enjoyed the process and challenge of watching it. My sister who is much younger wrote a bunch of fan fiction about Twilight. Who cares? They are movies, there is no competition for the viewer there is no prize. I’m just lucky to have found Tarentinos list this year.

      • Avatar guest says:

        You, sir, are the ignorant clown. “2011 releases in the US… not sure what country or planet you live on”.
        As if living outside of America is some kind of disability? You lot can be so painfully small-minded, I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to fall apart politically and economically. You haven’t advanced socially since the sixties. Believe it or not, what happens in America isn’t the standard set for the rest of the world. Some other countries will get films before or after America. A film’s release date is not always determined by it’s release in America. 

      • Avatar Guest says:

        Fuck off, snob.

      • Avatar Fuck says:

        Yeah but no one likes you

    • Avatar Anonymous says:


      •  Sarzy, you seem like a fucking retard. He didn’t say he doesn’t like Tarantino anymore, he just said the list is awful (and I agree). It’s better than him saying “OMG I DIDN’T LIKE THESE MOVIES BUT TARANTINO DOES SO NOW I DO!!!!1!!!1!”

  43. Avatar Brandi Rich says:

    it’s so refreshing to know that in this day and age someone isn’t allowed to have an opinion without 50+ people complaining about it.  

    • Avatar Rob says:

      Yes, we aren’t as great as you..we know it..here is the problem….for the last 20 years, Tarantino has not only been one of the most exciting American directors but his passion and knowledge of cinema has been nothing less than stunning and inspirational….this list would be ok if was created by an 18 year old who gets out to the local cineplex once a month…not by someone who has an encyclopedic knowledge of world cinema..
      Please forgive us, your highness.

  44. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Great picks. Especially with Nice try and “Drive” and “Hannah”. Ughh

  45. Avatar Tristan says:

    He’s just f***ing around with some of the choices. Maybe just to “stir the pot”.

  46. Avatar Mark Strang says:

    He’s making this shit up

  47. Avatar Kinogod says:

    11: yes no yes no no no no yes yes yes no
    Nice try: no no yes yes
    Best director: no no no no yes
    Best screenplay: yes no yes no yes yes
    Adapted screenplay: yes no no no no no!

    13 yes
    19 no

    We disagree more than we agree. Yet this list seems like a toss to friends rather than something to take seriously and debate.

  48. Avatar blubear says:

    Tarantino is just pissed he hasn’t made a movie as cool as Drive in a decade. Also Drive was made with a budget Tarantino couldn’t even work with.

    • Avatar Gleeson13 says:

      What? Drive had a budget of 13 million, pulp fiction had a budget 8.5
      And if you’re thinking that’s just because it was made in 1994, I ran the numbers in an inflation calculator online and turns out pulp fiction’s adjusted budget is still only 12.9.

    • Avatar Lol says:

      Drive was actually the most overrated movie this year (with the exception of MI:4 of course).

  49. Avatar blubear says:

    Also, who the hell makes a “nice try” award. What the hell is that supposed to mean. Seems like his stature went to his head

  50. Avatar Persianboy Rahimif says:

    you not see A Separation yet?

  51. Avatar jas says:

    I wish I remembered all the movie that came out in 2011. I would say Warrior, Moneyball, Super 8, Rise of the Planet of the Apes all def deserve to be in the top 10. Great movies, i was especially impressed with Super 8. Red State was great, wasn’t expecting that out of Kevin Smith. I’d say Hall Pass and Horrible Bosses deserve to be in there too. Jason Bateman has once again became one of my favorite comedic actors…..
    1. Moneyball
    2. Super 8
    3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    4. Warrior
    5. Everything Must Go
    6. Source Code
    7. Red State
    8. Insidious
    9. Hall Pass
    10. Horrible Bosses

  52. Avatar qtfan says:

    Tarantino’s the type of guy that likes pretty much every movie.  I think if he gets the sense that the people involved worked passionately on it, that’s good enough for him.  I feel a similar way, my sister and I can usually always find a few good things we like about any movie we see.

  53. Attack The Block most certainly belongs on the top movies of 2011 – I appreciate films that take me by surprise – The Crow when I was a pre-teen, Moon w/ Sam Rockwell as an adult – War Horse was a “When the fuck is this shit going to end, my wife promised to blow me”, glad it wasn’t in his top ten – Three Musketeers… I dunno.. When I think Musketeers I think Platt, Sutherland, and Sheen

  54. Avatar Almasy says:

    Nice List Quentin

    Although I beg to differ in your liking craps like The Three Musketeers, Captain America, Green Lantern and Green Hornet and The Sitter (yuck).

    But nonetheless, you’re still a great filmaker and we’re very excited about Django Unchained.

    I have a question:

    Did you see?

    A Separation,
    Harry Potter 7.2,  
    The Help,
    Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Another Earth

    Why did you not mention those great movies?

    • Avatar Charbax says:

      The Help is OK
      Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is pretty bad, I hate hearing them speak English with Sweedish accents, go watch the original Sweedish film, it’s better.Thor, I skipped watching half way, but maybe I’ll retry

  55. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Keep reading things about a “worst of” list, but don’t see it now. Does anyone recall what was on it?

  56. Avatar Verardis74 says:

    Tarantino’s a witty and savvy moviemaker, with 3 great movies in his CV (but none in the last 10 years or so). As much as I enjoy and admire the guy, I lately think he’s overrated. Funny that he includes Green Lantern (we’re supposed to be talking about the movie, not the character, right?) and The Hangover Part II in the ones he liked and gives Drive a nice try…Well, then again, taste is personal!

  57. Drive is so overrated… Good idea; good acting; good music; bad, bad pacing. 

    • Avatar Andrew Rieger says:

      Wrong. Best film of 2011. 

      • Avatar fouroneten says:

        Drive is seriously overrated…”he’s a hero” *sick*…some music choices were great, but the use of that song was embarrassing…i actually think putting Drive in the nice try section is spot on….it was definitely easy viewing with some great elements but really, did it leave anyone with anything afterwards…aside from some warm fuzzy romantic leanings….character development was weak, the plot was almost laughable at times, Ryan Gooseling……come on people, go and watch Bullitt, Two Lane Blaktop or Point Blank

      • Avatar Terryjackson1nyc says:

        The point of that song’s use and placement is to say that he is a human being. It is to say that he is complicated, even though he is stoic. There is nothing heroic about anything that he does; his actions are merely those of someone with few options trying his best to take care of people he doesn’t even know well at all because he knows these people are decent. We have no idea what his name is or what has happened to him to make him shut down emotionally, but we know that he is flawed. He has ideas about what is right and wrong and he acts on them. That isn’t what a hero does; that is what a person does. 

        Ryan Gosling is the most promising actor of his generation. He has never given a bad performance. He was excellent in each of his three big releases this year (which included Ides of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love).

      • Avatar Lol says:

        Wrong. Worst film since 2000.

      • Avatar Guest says:

        Wrong. Best film since 1891.

    • Avatar Trojinxx24 says:

      The pacing actually made it as close to perfection in a movie as i’ve seen in a long long time.

      • Avatar Lol says:

        You must be joking. The pacing was actually what destroyed this movie. It was forced, inorganic, senseless and took away from the movie experience.

  58. Avatar Tj19 says:

    This is a good list! Everyone is being negative because of a few minor details. How trivial! I don’t agree with it completely and no one is supposed to. QT is a prestigious director/writer so you are the ones who look like idiots when you say his list sucks.

  59. Avatar Pau Xicola says:

    The only one I can’t understand is Captain America.

  60. Wow, so “Drive” is on par with Cage in “Drive Angry”?  I call bullshit.  

  61. Avatar Méliès says:

    Dans une interview, Tarantino disait qu’il aimait autant regarder ” Pauline à la plage ” d’Éric ROHMER que ” The Killer ” de John WOO. C’est ça d’aimer le cinéma : être écliptique.
    Pensons aussi à son acolyte Robert RODRIGUEZ qui foisonne d’idées aussi géniales que farfelues.

    Et vivement la réadaptation du ” Django ” de Sergio CORBUCCI.

  62. Avatar Joe Odom says:

    Drive, a “nice try”? Quentin, try harder, would you?

    • Avatar James Bell says:

      Perhaps the “Nice Try” implied is that there was a certain element of all four of those films that had they achieved, would’ve catapulted them into something beyond what they were. Drive was a decent attempt from Refn to tell an action story, even though he is addicted meditative trance-like visuals. But the overall film didn’t succeed like it should’ve. And the same goes for the other three. Hanna was about a child assassin revenging her father, but paired with the elegant mysticism of Joe Wright. Drive Angry tried to be just a ridiculously awesome action/car film, but ended up being just another Nic Cage disaster. And Real Steel……do I need to go any further? They’re the types of movies Quentin Tarantino would be a fan of, if they had been better. In fact, giving it the Nice Try award is probably the best thing anyone has said about these movies this year.

  63. Avatar Sick S. says:

    Either he is joking or it is fake. If it turns out to be real then I will be very worried about Django Unchained.

  64. Guys, guys…. He’s trolling! Giving ‘Drive’ a Nice Try award over pieces of [censored] like Green Lantern, Young Adult & Fast Five?!

    Nice try, QT!

  65. Avatar crap pants says:

    where’s Bridesmaids?!?!

  66. Avatar Drew says:

    Oh my fucking god just relax! you guys! it’s Quentin’s list and you know what kind of movies he likes. He likes a lot of those old trash movies, that’s where he gets inspiration to make his. His top choice was “Midnight” which should be good enough

  67. Avatar Jammer says:

    Green Lantern, The Beaver, Fast Five, The Three Musketeers? I guess we all want to be iconoclasts.

  68. Avatar Mark Ham says:

    How can QT leave IMMORTALS off the list?  That is insane.  I thought he would like it’s awesome sword and sandal violence. 

  69. Avatar Guest says:

    BULLSHIT! You made this up

  70. Somebody give QT a ct-scan right away!  It’s apparent that’s he has suffered from some sort of traumatic brain injury- The Three Musketeers?  Most of the list is questionable, but that one in particular is a sure sign of brain damage.  Maybe he fell, had a stroke, I don’t know- can you catch syphilis from sucking toes?

  71. Avatar rockinrors says:

    Green Lantern?

  72. Avatar Alex813 says:

    jesus christ, why do people cry so much about another mans opinion, he likes what he likes, if you dont agree who gives a fuck, lighten up

  73. Avatar Arranwebb says:

    Get the Coen bros to remake Ben Hur. Brad Pitt as Judah.

  74. Avatar Xen says:

    I wonder where the ‘Worst Of List” went?      Did Quentin retract it?   Out of decency?  Out of a second viewing for Sucker Punch?     The world may never know.

  75. Well great list and good job you are doing..

  76. Avatar Trojinxx24 says:

    Drive was by far the best movie of last year. Nice try? But he liked the nonsensical Three Musketeers? Jesus what’s wrong with this picture?!

  77. Avatar Alex says:

    Drive is being punished by critics and i don’t know why. It’s a great movie.
    Green Hornet? X-men? Green Lantern? Just CGI trash out to get your money.
    Drive Angry? CGI trash to get your money, support Nicolas Cage spending Habits and save him from bankrupcy, for the next 6 months.
    Rise of the plt. of the apes? It’s the best of the franchise, but not THAT good.
    Midnight in Paris? Excellent, but it’s Woody Allen…pretending to be Woody Allen. More of the same, i guess.
    Tarantino R U on crack?

  78. Avatar guest says:

    Hollywood’s rat. ;P

  79. Avatar Adamtw1985 says:

    Obviously jealous of drive…..like the movies he used to make!

  80. Avatar Jmmalossane says:

    What ? Rise of the planet of the apes is second…
    Waouh, a big surprise coming from QT. James Franco is so… inane, simple-minded, fake, it makes me sick.

  81. Avatar Brichie79 says:

    Most criminally overlooked film of 2011: The Guard. There isn’t a more interesting character in any of last year’s films than Brendan Gleeson’s.

  82. Avatar see_u_ says:

    Sorry fat Tarantino but now you can´t do something like “Drive” and abbout first Tarantino… Reservoig Dogs is amazing but is a Disney movie compared to Drive.

  83. Avatar Artxuleta says:

    After watching this you’ll say, “I did not see that coming!”
    Expertly shot & edited. Done with so much insight & attention to detail that most women who see it can’t believe it was created by a man.
     jeff, great job on your short.
    >  very clean. i am impressed
    >  peace

  84. Avatar NorCalNative says:

    Why do people get their panties in a bunch over what films Tarantino likes? He’s entitled to like what he likes. It’s just that his “likes” happen to get published. It doesn’t mean that you have to go and start loving the films His Majesty Tarantino likes. Nor does it mean that films that you liked that HE didn’t aren’t worth anything. His list is HIS opinion people. I feel vastly different about some of the films he mentions and has omitted. I neither feel anger towards or inferior because of Tarantino’s choices and neither should any of you.

    • Avatar guest says:

      it’s cool he likes what he likes, but calling such a well made film like drive ‘a nice try’ is a massive cunt thing to say considering he hasn’t made a good film since the 90s..

    • Avatar Benjamin S Pond says:

      All of our likes now are published. What I love about Tarentino publishing his likes is that, I have watched films that I wouldn’t have otherwise. “Carnage,” fantastic, and completely opposite to “Green Hornet,” which shit, I also loved. Two films both with Christophe Walz (hmmmmm) that frankly are fantastic. The point Tarentino is making is for people to wake up and realize that studio films, can be incredibly fun, which is although shrouded by pretention the point of entertainment.

  85. Avatar Chad says:

    I’d like to know what “Apes” was adapted from, since it was an original screenplay.  You’d think a self-imposed great writer could tell the difference.

    • Avatar Boon Banana says:

      Are you serious? An adapted screenplay is a screenplay that interprets another source. And as you should know, all the ‘Planet’ movies (and TV series) are originally sourced from ‘La Planete des Singes’. It’s also blindingly obvious this is a reboot of the original ‘Apes’ series and is loosely based on ‘Conquest’, as well as quoting from the originals. 

  86. Avatar Onslaught10989 says:

    NorCalNative, THANK YOU for putting that out there.  It should not even have to be said, and I think that is the really sad comment.

  87. Avatar Casbarlow77 says:

    The Hangover Part 2? Really?

  88. Avatar pb says:

    Midnight in Paris??!! What a load of trash – Paris visual the only positive! Given the list I’m surprised Melancholia isn’t there – another piece of boring drivel that seems to get accolades ‘cos it’s “art house”…

    • Avatar Lol says:

      You’re a load of trash.

      • Avatar REvan says:

        You didn’t exactly refute his claims now did you? Although the idea of movies getting “accolades” because they are “art house” projects is funny. It’s like movies are made for the sole purpose of winning awards. It’s not about myth building or story telling (whether good story telling or not.) It’s all about bringing home the trophy.

      • Avatar Asdh34 says:

        You’re a trophy. 

        Hmmm… Didn’t work as well that time…

    • Avatar Charbax says:

      You’re putting Woody Allen and Lars Von Trier in the same category?

  89. Avatar guest says:

    i think melancholia deserves a spot on the ‘nice try’ list, but i disagree with drive being ‘poorly paced,’ as everyone keeps putting it. i loved it as a whole, it was definitely a package deal. also, why would anyone say quentin hasn’t made a good film in the last ten years? that’s clearly overlooking inglourious basterds!

  90. Avatar Patricio says:

    For me, Midnight in Paris was like “A Night at the Museum” for snob people, I liked it, but I thought it was way overrated.

  91. Avatar Kikistal9967 says:

    Good to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes high on the list.

  92. Avatar mindful jedi says:

    this is a list of movies quentin likes it doesnt mean that they are bad or good. its like when you watch a movie and you know its a good movie but you just didnt like it.

  93. Avatar Lou-UK says:

    Drive for “nice try” WHAT!?! that film was awesome! I need to speak some sense into the guy about that….lol 

  94. Avatar Lou-UK says:

    shame The Guard did not make the list – I thoroughly enjoyed it :) but we are all entitled to our opinions I guess

  95. Avatar King Hero says:

    what is with the f****** asian movies Quentin ??

  96. Avatar Anonymous says:

    How is Bellflower not on his list? He must not have seen it.

  97. Avatar Natan Cohen says:

    We matched in the top 11, and the “others he liked” too, (exept for a few)…. I loved the Woddy Allen Script too. 

  98. Avatar Birgulcan says:

    no no no !!!! hollywood is dead .. asian directors are making great movies.Im not watching hollywood movies anymore…..

  99. Avatar stephan boxie says:

    um, tree of life was the film of the year, but midnight in paris was the second ( i think “a nice try” list is condescending, luv tarantino’s work tho)

  100. Avatar paddy fairfax says:

    Poor quentin, doesn’t have an ounce of the visual talent to make a film like drive, still good to see him support films like attack the block and the artist

  101. Avatar Corey says:

    I’m glad to see that Our Idiot Brother made the top ten. Surprised not to see any mention of Rango, though.

  102. Avatar AlexDeLarge says:

    Nice try to Drive and Hannah?…that’s a travesty. I’ll admit, some of Mr. Tarantino’s own films were well done and that he has considerable talent as a director. That being said, I think that his talent as a film critic leaves something to be desired. It appears that he has been bitten by the jealousy bug. Drive and Hannah were two of the most original and praiseworthy films of the year. Shame on you Quentin.

  103. Avatar Quentin not Tarantino says:

    As Frenchman My heart belongs to “the artist” but i loved “Omar m’a tuer” an other french movie ;-)

  104. Avatar Ben says:

    No mention of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil?  Preposterous!!!!

  105. Avatar Guest says:


  106. Avatar Guillaumebouillon says:

    Wow. And I thought Tarantino was a movie connoisseur. He doesn’t age well.

    • Avatar 1980CHAMPS says:

      Have you watched the Kill Bill movies lately? They’ve aged worse than Brigitte Bardot.

  107. Avatar Ashkansh Ashkanam says:

    what about separation?

  108. Avatar Guest382 says:

    I personally haven’t seen a good film in 2011. Nothing. Blanco.

  109. Avatar Wesley Mills says:

    It’s a free country. No need to get your panties in a bunch over the films that QT likes.

    • Avatar guest says:

      it’s cool he likes what he likes, but calling such a well made film like drive ‘a nice try’ is a massive cunt thing to say considering he hasn’t made a good film since the 90s..

  110. Avatar Guest says:

    Green Hornet ?!? NO!!!!!! Quentin your killing me, I thought you were perfect a film genius and look up to you but you have lost points for this. Green Hornet was the worst piece of shit I have seen in the past few years. I left the theater and almost asked for my money back and I always give any film the benefit of the doubt, but I couldn’t even sit through it as a fun pop corn action type flick, garbage

  111. Avatar Guest says:

    Continuing my Rant, GI Joe might have been better than Green Hornet, and you all know how good GI Joe was, I couldn’t even watch that movie drunk it was so bad haha

  112. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Tarantino likes what he likes.  It’s called an opinion.  He has always made it very well known that he loves movies that are often seen as trash by many people (70’s exploitation, martial arts, etc…).  Why is it an issue all of a sudden?

  113. Avatar Abcd says:

    i sucked drive’s dick 20 times and it was longer and harder than the green hornet’s stinger

  114. Avatar Artschoolboyz says:

    no love for melancholia?

  115. Avatar Chili says:

    This list clearly shows why Tarantino is no film critic.

  116. Avatar Dj Andreas says:


  117. Avatar Bboypaul13 says:

    can’t believe he liked tree of life…

  118. Avatar Arginnon says:

    Finally a list that doesn’t put The Artist in the top spot. I dunno why, but that movie annoys me.

  119. Avatar JimmyJoe says:

    When Tarantino lists Drive in the Nice Try Category its a compliment nothing less. Think about all the movies he did not even talk about (e.g. Tree of Life, Melancholia)

  120. Avatar Guest says:


  121. Avatar Tarantino Fan says:

    I thought Drive was a very engaging movie, I liked that the editor wasn’t afraid to leave it on some scene/cuts for 30+seconds, I think this pissed a lot of people off and lead to some criticism of the pacing, particular people that prefer to be immersed in dialogue. It’s been dismissed by such as lacking in sophistication but i found it a really refreshing change, much like on the level that a Tarantino film brings. He mightn’t be the most partial critic but he makes awesome movies. I can understand Hanna getting the ‘nice try’ tag, it tried to be too much and in the end was just SHIT. Planet of the Apes was an unimaginative solid movie i’d forgotten about till I saw it here. X-men was a mindless popcorn movie I didn’t mind. Didn’t bother watching Green Lantern/Hornet or Real steel and I know Tarantino has the power to enjoy trash but how do you walk out from a viewing of Captain America not contemplating ‘there’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back’? Please if you have’t already don’t watch it, it might be worse than that last two M. Night Shyamalan movies combined (probably not).  


  122. Avatar Clarence Boddicker says:

    Anyone that thinks Drive in a masterpiece
    is a pretentious arse fuck
    that doesn’t know shit about shit
    I’d need 4 audio commentaries to get
    through all the things wrong with it
    & still have a few things left!
    For you clowns, I’ll keep it short
    The violence was ridiculous. I was expecting some intensely realistic, European brutality and it was just cartoony, Hollywood shit!
    Also Ryan gosling was shit on every level
    That scene in the elevator was fuckin’ ridiculous! Lame. As. Fuck.
    Goodfellas & irreversible – perfect
    Ryan looked like a little bitch playin’ a tough guy
    The stompin’, the way he grabbed the guy, after that
    “beautifully tender kiss”, was like a rehearsal! Zero fuckin’ force,
    or aggression.
    Then he’s got a look on his face like he jus’ shit his pants!
    I couldn’t work out if she fucked off cosa the head stomp
    or the smell!
    It’s fuckin’ gold : )
    Quentin is 100% right on this. If any of you dumb fucks
    about film, you’d see it for the piece of shit it is.

    • Avatar guest says:

      No need to bust a nut over this man. People are entitled to their views. You didn’t like it, that’s ok, I’m sure you’ve liked plenty of movies that other people have hated. No need to insult us.

      Also lame isn’t a reason for not liking something. And maybe you could be more specific with “ridiculous” that can mean good and bad. and more specific about why Gosling was shit on every level?

      And finally he had that expression because he was like a tough but noble warrior. He wasn’t a gangster. He’s partly a reference to all those early samauri movie hero’s

    • Avatar Zip says:

      Your review has made me conclude you are a sucky ass film reviewer.
      Drive was easily in the top 15 movies of the year.

      And everyone else saying Drive was some wannabe Tarantino movie – It took more from movies like Bullet and “La Samourua” (or however you spell it) and David Lynch films than it took from Tarantino movies which are heavy dialogue and rapid fire pacing.

      From your review I concluded that the elevator scene ruined the entire movie. It was that bad.

      By the way you can’t call Drive’s violence “unrealistic and cartoonish” and not say the same about Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds. Those movies are the same if not more.

      You can write a review and give your opinions but you can’t write some authoritarian dissertation when you are only going off your personal taste.

      I agree with alot of his choices in his list but methinks Tarantino is wrong on this one.

    • Avatar Charbax says:

      Only morons don’t like Drive

  123. It’s the best film of the year.   I’m baffled that he didn’t get it.  I
    thought for sure that QT would understand and defend that movie. 

  124. Avatar Anonymous says:

    absolutely lol. Drive in nice try? ROFL

  125. Avatar Chris Tait says:

    Make more films you lazy C%$#

  126. Avatar Jrlawguy says:

    How about Shame, Mr. Tarantino…you might like that one.

  127. Avatar Fedeslash says:

    1 midnight in paris
    2 hugo
    3 rango
    4 source code
    5 millennium

  128. Avatar Tarintinofan4life says:

    He liked hangover,apes & x-men that’s a crying shame
    WTF last year was the worst year in movies so far

  129. Avatar Teresa says:

    eu adoro quando chega o momento de ver publicada a lista desse irreverente Diretor que eu amo de paixão……bjs Teresa -SP/Brasil

  130. Avatar Roco says:

    Obviously, Quentins taste in movies is COMPLETELY random :D
    But maybe that’s why the style of his own films is quite special…!?

  131. Avatar Movie manic mc says:

    This list isn’t what I would have expected, it has some obvious choices, some less obvious, and some truely seemingly random ones. Which is what I like About QT’s style, its very unpredictable and random. Seriously who cares if his taste isnt the same as ours, or even suting our idea of Quentin

  132. Avatar BrianMcInnis says:

    Precisely who does this article exclude?

  133. Avatar Guest says:

    He has such ambiguous taste in films. I mean he likes Battle Royale and dislikes Drive. He likes The Three Musketeers, Fast Five and The Beaver and Dislikes Drive. He dislikes Drive and dislikes Drive. WTF man.

  134. Avatar enterthedragonmaster says:

    I think he didnt watch Shame….

  135. Avatar Gnrutd7 says:

    DRIVE is the best movie of 2011 hands down.  I thought Quentin knew his shit better than anyone.  pull your shit together man

  136. Avatar Fred says:

    much, much better, fresher, more vital international films seem to be
    missing from this list. Tarantino used to push people to see films they
    might not otherwise see, stuff that really went for it. Oh well. He’s way too establishment now. Too bad. Look
    to Cahiers du Cinema top ten if u still care about film as an art.

  137. Avatar Saad says:

    Drive was alright, Green Hornet was highly unwatchable, and Green Lantern was pretty good but flawed. All imo.

  138. Avatar Erik Archer says:

    I enjoyed Drive very much and never once thought of Tarantino while taking it in. His list overall is very disappointing. Warrior? Is Quentin a bro now? The same guy who loved Battle Royale didn’t enjoy Kill List or Blackthorn?

  139. Avatar Qball613 says:

    How could he forget super 8. Im kind of mad at him for that one.

  140. Avatar Damien Dust says:

    If this is the real 411 from Tarantino himself…He just lost mad props in my book…Drive, The skin I live in, Moneyball, and “BELLFLOWER” top 4. The rest of the years movies sucked. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was good on first showing, once you know the who did it…it’s done! “Red State” would of been on my list except for the “Goodman” character giving us the taboo “God” ending. Major no, no in screenwriting.

  141. Avatar George Hook says:

    Boy, he’s right on (again) about The Three Musketeers. Highly underrated, brilliant Steam Punk …

  142. Avatar jon says:

    Drive is better than anyhing QT has made since 1994

  143. Avatar joe says:

    Three musketeers sucked
    Green lantern sucked
    Tree of life sucked
    Captain America sucked
    DRIVE SUCKED…just because there not alot dialogue doesn’t mean its an arthouse masterpiece.
    If people in real life acted how they did in drive I would assume either they didn’t hear me or they were just weird, script wasn’t unique at all and certainly not witty or well written, but ryan gosling did look cool in that jacket with a toothpick and it had good music and good cinematography

  144. Avatar The Dude says:

    I found this site searching for QT favourites, thinkin it would give me a couple of ideas on what to watch…then i see Rise of the Planet of the Apes at second…Great Job! That’s not even top 20 in 2011. That movie was an embarresment to watch. There was nothing to like about that movie, it was the worst piece of mainstream bullshit, it got “we will sell this crap to the braindead masses” written all over it.
    Just had to say, it actually disturbed me to see this.
    And btw, Hollywood is dead..will Hollywood produce something worth watching again?
    (No research, no facts…just strong opinions!)

    • Avatar The Dude says:

      And Melancholia is my nr. 1 movie in 2011, followed by Midnight in Paris, The Skin I Live In, The Artist, Moneyball… (Haven’t seen Red State)

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    […] Januar 2012Tarantinos Best Of 2011Vor ziemlich genau 14 Tagen hat Tarantino für die Quentin Tarantino Archives eine Zusammenfassung über seine Filmhighlights aus dem Jahr 2011 gegeben. Eine Sammlung, die absolut dafür genutzt werden kann, die heimische DVD Sammlung, oder […]

  47. January 31, 2012

    […] yaptığı gibi bu senede favori filmlerini Sebastian Haselbeck tarafından 1999 yılında kurulan tarantino.info isimli site üzerinde paylaştı. Ünlü yönetmen, ödül sezonunun bitmesine az bir süre […]

  48. February 2, 2012

    […] first horror film, a twisted take on Midwestern evangelical cults. Quentin Tarantino called it one of his favorite movies of the year, if that means anything to […]

  49. February 4, 2012

    […] We’d love to get a further explanation on that. Anyway, the full list is below. [Quentin Tarantino Archives via Total […]

  50. February 24, 2012

    […] is inspired by a similar section that Quentin Tarantino included in his Top 10 list. I’m using it to acknowledge films that are kind of problematic but really, really interesting. […]

  51. April 24, 2012

    […] gets attached to just don’t do it for me. I am so over him being a brand name for things, and making lists with “Nice Try” categories, and just generally being America’s Go-To […]

  52. November 6, 2012

    […] is inspired by a similar section that Quentin Tarantino included in his Top 10 list. I’m using it to acknowledge films that are kind of problematic but nonetheless really, really […]

  53. November 12, 2012

    […] Exclusive: Quentin Tarantino’s favourite films of 2011  (The Quentin Tarantino Archives) – One of our favourite directors shares his top (and bottom) movies of the year including Midnight in Paris, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Artist and … The Three Musketeers?! (We love Christoph Waltz too, but … ) […]

  54. November 14, 2012

    […] de lo que el director de Pulp Fiction considera lo mejor del 2011, y que publicó en su sitio web “the Quentin Tarantino Archives”. El top eleven del […]

  55. January 20, 2013

    […] awards will not do. Neither will superlatives from any authority of any pedigree. Last year, Quentin Tarantino posted his favorite films of 2011. Immediately we see Green Lantern and Three Musketeers and no matter Tarantino’s achievements […]

  56. March 20, 2013

    […] Thanks to indiewire for the hookup, original posted on tarantino.info. […]

  57. April 19, 2013

    […] en el 2011 nos trajera la que para muchos fuera la película del año, aunque para Tarantino y para mí solo fuera un “buen intento“, Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011), viene […]

  58. July 15, 2013

    […] writer/director has extremely eclectic taste to begin with, which is the only explanation when his 2011 top 11 list had room for both Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In” and Paul W.S. Anderson’s “The Three […]

  59. July 31, 2013

    […] Tarantino has released his list of the best and worst films of 2011, plus a couple other categories. Check out the full […]

  60. October 5, 2013

    […] might remember Quentin’s list of favorites of 2010 and 2011, and so many of you have mailed us and asked about last year. Mostly because of Django Unchained, […]

  61. October 7, 2013

    […] Quentin Tarantino has revealed his list of his favourite films of the year so far to The Quentin Tarantino Archives. […]

  62. October 7, 2013

    […] Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has revealed his list of his favourite films of the year so far to The Quentin Tarantino Archives. For the most part, he’s pretty inline with critical consensus – Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight all make an appearance here – but his inclusion of Gore Verbinski’s near universally disliked Lone Ranger flick may come as a surprise. […]

  63. October 7, 2013

    […] Quentin Tarantino has revealed his list of his favourite films of the year so far to The Quentin Tarantino Archives. […]

  64. October 7, 2013

    […] trovare la classifica del 2010 e QUI quella del 2011. L’anno scorso, a causa del forte impegno per Django Unchained, Tarantino […]

  65. October 7, 2013

    […] Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has revealed his list of his favourite films of the year so far to The Quentin Tarantino Archives. For the most part, he’s pretty inline with critical consensus – Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight all make an appearance here – but his inclusion of Gore Verbinski’s near universally disliked The Lone Ranger may come as a surprise. […]

  66. October 7, 2013

    […] Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has revealed his list of his favourite films of the year so far to The Quentin Tarantino Archives. For the most part, he’s pretty inline with critical consensus – Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight all make an appearance here – but his inclusion of Gore Verbinski’s near universally disliked The Lone Ranger may come as a surprise. […]

  67. October 7, 2013

    […] Top 20 filme notate de Tarantino în 2010 le găsiţi AICI. Top 10 filme 2011 – AICI. […]

  68. October 7, 2013

    […] Unchained, the writer-director didn’t list his top films last year. But his lists in 2010 and 2011 included films like Toy Story 3, The Social Network, X-Men: First Class and Rise Of The Planet Of […]

  69. October 7, 2013

    […] Ранее на ресурсе публиковались списки любимых фильмов Тарантино за 2010 и 2011годы. […]

  70. October 7, 2013

    […] Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has revealed his list of his favourite films of the year so far to The Quentin Tarantino Archives. For the most part, he’s pretty inline with critical consensus – Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight all make an appearance here – but his inclusion of Gore Verbinski’s near universally disliked The Lone Ranger may come as a surprise. […]

  71. October 13, 2013

    […] 1. Režisierius Quentinas Tarantino puslapyje Tarantino.info paskelbė savo mėgstamiausius 2013 metų filmus. Sąraše kažkokių netikėtumų nėra, nors visų taip išgarbintas filmas „Gravity“ sėdi  antroje geriausių dalyje. Kam įdomu, čia rasite 2010-ųjų  Tarantino mėgstamiausius filmus, o čia – 2011 metų. […]

  72. November 2, 2013

    […] End and Prisoners, but given the last two lists that Mr. Tarantino put out in 2010 and 2011, the inclusion should not be such a surprise. Genre rollicking features are common is his year-end […]