Grindhouse out on BluRay, DVD only in Canada

Grindhouse (the theatrical experience of April 2007 with versions of Planet Terror and Death Proof previously unseen on home video, including fake trailers Machete, Don’t, Thanksgiving, Werewolf Women of the SS) is out on BluRay today! Fans have waited three years to see this happen. Despite some early rumors that this version might exclude the fake Machete trailer because Robert Rodriguez has finished an actual movie based on it, are false (here is a review that confirms the integrity of the presentation, including this trailer, also refer to this review for specifications and the list of extras), and the release is chock full with interesting extras, including a 5-minute hommage to the late Sally Menke, who tragically lost her life only last week (read our news post on it).

Unfortunately, there seems to be no DVD release planned in the USA or anywhere else at the moment, the only way to get it seems to be to buy the Canadian version, which will probably have a few bonus features less than the BluRay (or the Japanese release). We encourage you to use our Amazon links, this helps to support the website, thank you!

Click here to BUY FROM AMAZON.COM | FROM AMAZON.CA (Canadian release) | DVD FROM AMAZON.CA

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We will keep you updated with more releases, and add them to the overview pages. In the UK, the BluRay will be HMV exclusive (link)

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12 Responses

  1. Al says:

    Why in the hell would it just be Bluray? Doesn’t a sharp clear image defeat the purpose of the film anyway?

    Give DVD more love….greedy basterds.

    • 35mm has a higher resolution than BluRay. The resolution has nothing
      to do with the visual quality of the source material. So a scratch
      remains a scratch, on bluray it will merely look closer to how it
      looked on your multiplexx screen

  2. Local misfit says:

    Any other Canadian DVD owners having a hard time finding some of the bonus features that are advertised on the packaging? 10-min cooking school? Commentaries? Where are they?

    • Local misfit says:

      Further update: can’t find really any of the special features that are supposed to be on Disc 1, and the “10 min cooking school” advertised on the box is actually the same “10-min film school” from the Planet Terror set. Am I blind or is the box just wrong?

  3. Luis says:

    i just bought it. fucking excellent!

  4. Applesmoreno says:

    grind house if fucking epic

  5. Matt West says:

    I Just Got This Set In The Mail From, It Is So Freaking Awesome