Django Unchained casting update

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  • AS

    I’d love to see Zoe Bell in another QT film. 

  • John Doe

    M.C. Gainey cast as Big John Brittle

  • Jonah Melancon

    Does anyone have any information on any extras casting in Mississippi or Louisiana?

  • macromedium

    Is it true that Don Johnson’s gonna star as Spencer “Big Daddy” Bennett? That’d be marvellous. I’d love to see Don gettin’ killed by jamie foxx :P

  • Sebastian

    seems to be true…

  • Jonny

    Tom Savini probably cast as Elvis Brittle. The cast’s gettin’ better and better. Just remember Savini in From Dusk Till Dawn or Planet Terror. I like

  • Jonny

    Variety claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is about to join the cast of Django Unchained. Sony even delayed his biker thriller Premium Rush to summer ’12. As much as I like that, I wonder who he’s gonna portray. Any ideas?