Kevin Costner to play a real meanie in Tarantino’s Django Unchained?

I really like Kevin Costner. There is way too much bashing of this guy going around the internet (which is why I wrote an article called In Praise of Kevin Costner, read it), so I am positively surprised that Deadline reports he is in talks to play a real meanie in Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming southern Django Unchained. According to Fleming, he is tapped to play Ace Woody, a really sadist SOB training slaves to fight each other. That sounds like fun. The movie is shaping up nicely. Ever since Jamie Foxx has signed (as the titular Django, an escaped slave), the project, which will also star Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo Di Caprio, it is easier to really imagine where it is going. Tarantino is on the best way again to assemble a kick ass all star cast that will blow everything else outta the water. Costner would be great especially because he would be an unexpected appearance in such a film.

What I am interested in is who will definitely gonna be cast as Django’s damsel in distress Brunhilda. Rumors had it that Kerry Washington is in talks (Playlist). Interesting times ahead, my dear Tarantinoites, I can already see the opening credits in front of me, triggering standing ovations before the movie even starts. Go Quentin, cast your spell, cast your dream cast!

Source: Deadline

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14 Responses

  1. Info says:

    I remember a story came out not too long after Jackie Brown where Costner and Tarantino had a few negative words to say about one another in the press.  I think, although I’m not sure, that Costner had commented on Tarantino’s terrible stage performance in ‘Waiting For Dark’ with Marisa Tomei.  Tarantino said that Costner “would have to stand on a stool to kiss my ass”.

    Looks like all is forgiven.

  2. Roulette67 says:

    I am not a Costner fan. Waterworld killed it for me. BUT, he is a quality actor and I loved him in Field of Dreams. So, we’ll see what he can pull off in the Tarantino universe.

      • Roulette67 says:

        U did list some quality movies, and I must admit, he was good in them. Except Waterworld. I wanted to love this movie. The whole premise was outstanding. But ended up hating it. Sometimes, I do find his performances to be kinda flat. Like in the Bodyguard. Another movie I just hated. But, I do see your point. I believe he can pull off great work, but I’m just not a huge fan. He’s probably perfect for this role, but i haven’t read the screenplay.

  3. christian says:

    please let costner play the part, he deserves a comeback like travolta with pulp fiction!

  4. Oscarbeta217 says:

    Dear Tarantino:I think Foxx, Kostner or any other nice good actor, black or white or ohter race with beautiful face wouldn”t do any good to your movie. I think an actor like the star of “Machete” will be the best. I dont say that actor, but somebody with that type of face…O.

  5. Helen says:

    He said Ace Woody

  6. Rlemco says:

    I wrote to Quentin Tarantino years ago when I finished writing Rest Stop. I was a dreamer then as I am now, but I feel the same. i can think of no one who could direct Rest Stop better.
    I have seen all of his movies and he has mastered the following categories. Intetencity,Graphic violence,bad guys,murder,pursuit. All the ingredients of Rest Stop. He has a way with dialog unsurpassed by no one.
    Mr. Taratino has a way of drawing an audience into each character. If you like the character or not his direction gives each their own personality.
       Mr. Tarantino did not answer me years ago, I believe he was then and is now a busy man and may never got my letter to him. I still feel Rest Stop is down his alley, and maybe this time
    this message could get to him. I am no more known now then I was back then,but that is what dreamers do. Anyone who wishes a copy of Rest Stop it is now on Kindel. I can be e-mailed for anyone connected to Quentin Tarantino my phone # is 253 228 4544.

  7. Rlemco says:

    I apologize for using this comment page after Mr. Tarantino took the time to post what he felt about Kevin Costner. But when your 63 and your dreams are on their last legs.
    I am taking a shot.  When you quit dreaming you go rancid.
    As For Kevin Costner I have never listen to all the gossip. I judge a person by what I know, not by what I read or hear. He is a great actor and I feel one of my favorite westerns
    “Dances with Wolves” he starred and directed. Field of Dreams on my list of favorite movies.
       A movie directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Kevin Costner, is one of those movies I go see the day it comes out. I go with 2 winners and their track records.

  8. K-Lynn says:

    …So I read that now Costner has been forced to not play in this film. Why ?

  9. jerdub1993 says:

    Kevin Costner has been replaced by Kurt Russell as the trainer for the slave death matches.

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