Grindhouse out on BluRay, DVD only in Canada

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  • Al

    Why in the hell would it just be Bluray? Doesn’t a sharp clear image defeat the purpose of the film anyway?

    Give DVD more love….greedy basterds.

  • The Quentin Tarantino Archives

    35mm has a higher resolution than BluRay. The resolution has nothing
    to do with the visual quality of the source material. So a scratch
    remains a scratch, on bluray it will merely look closer to how it
    looked on your multiplexx screen

  • Local misfit

    Any other Canadian DVD owners having a hard time finding some of the bonus features that are advertised on the packaging? 10-min cooking school? Commentaries? Where are they?

  • Local misfit

    Further update: can’t find really any of the special features that are supposed to be on Disc 1, and the “10 min cooking school” advertised on the box is actually the same “10-min film school” from the Planet Terror set. Am I blind or is the box just wrong?

  • Luis

    i just bought it. fucking excellent!

  • The Quentin Tarantino Archives

    cool! wanna send us a review? we’d post it

  • Applesmoreno

    grind house if fucking epic

  • Matt West

    I Just Got This Set In The Mail From, It Is So Freaking Awesome

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