Quentin’s Top 20 favorite grindhouse movies

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    But I've always thought that Langella just wasn't made for film. The camera just doesn't seem to be able to take him in. I wish I'd seen him on stage when he was in his prime.

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    I began my grindhouse education when I saw Grindhouse: Death Proof just 2 months ago (I know, I'm lame). Thanks for the Top 20 list. I've only heard of half of those movies & only seen a handful thus far.

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    Thanks for the Top 20 list. I’ve only heard of half of those movies & only seen a handful thus far. My favorite is Deathproof, I love that Charger :>

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    While it’s trying to make movie-goers laugh, I did not laugh at all. Well, it’s not funny. I would like to compare it to Scary Movie here. Scary Movie makes me laugh so much and the pictures are much better than Grindhouse.

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    Completely in agreement with the comments.

  • UtopianCaroline23

    Watched Deathproof in February and just finished Planet Terror last week…officially the first movie I’ve clapped to midway in pure appreciation!!! I feel like this list is on a par with christmas morning as a kid……thank you so much!!!!!!! Can’t wait to watch every one!

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    Electric Grindhouse

  • jessie

    His upcoming film Inglourious Basterds
    is grindhouse theatrical
    classics which Quentin spent a considerable amount of time pouring over
    to come up with his definitive picks.

  • alvin

    Taste for trashy horror with Tarantino’s ultra-violent crime cool, on top
    of a retro framing that hasn’t been seen quite like this since Kentucky Fried Movie.

  • Karanvir Kooner

    I Really Enjoy Kill Bill Even Twice As Much As I Blasted Michael Bay For Scrutinizing Movies

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  • Jefricyl

    Death Proof was one of the main grindhouse movie in the history!