Inglorious Bastards to shoot in Berlin this fall

Exclusive Tarantino.infoWhile you’re thinking “the movie takes place in France, aren’t they shooting it in the Normandy or something?”, it should be noted that Inglorious Bastards is neither a remake of The Longest Day, nor will you be able to tell green grass in northern Germany from that of green grass in France. Please excuse my horrible humor this morning. Quentin Tarantino‘s script is currently floating the internets, turning curious teenagers into duracell bunnies, and while yours truly still refuses to read it, the man himself is preparing to get the show on the road. Principal photography – i.e. the start of shooting, for all you non-techies out there – is set to begin this October in Berlin, Germany (not any of the others). We will keep you posted on details, but Berlin has a very vivid film scene, not only were such cornerstones of cinema like Metropolis (a complete version of this classic has just recently been discovered) shot there, the city and the close-by Babelsberg film studios also provided the sets for Downfall and an excellent two-part TV movie about the Hitler assassination that’s currently struggling to come to a silver screen near you starring Tom Cruise, as a “remake” with the title Valkyrie. You may join our Forum to participate in some of the wildest casting speculations I’ve ever seen. But I really have high hopes for Brad Pitt playing Aldo Raine, a crazy jewish Nazi hunter from Tennessee. Doesn’t that sound interesting?


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