The Hateful Eight: official teaser trailer plus screenshots & trivia

Yesterday it was finally upon us: the official teaser trailer for The Hateful Eight got unleashed upon the world wide web (bits of it were shown earlier on Entertainment Today), after they released two out of a few more character posters as well (click here to see those). Quentin Tarantino‘s full 70mm glory western will see a limited release in the US on christmas day and a wide release worldwide in January (in 70mm only were available, in most places probably only DCP, maybe some 35mm. Berlin for example has one, maybe two theaters that even have a 70mm projector).

Without further ado (but please do scroll down further after watching it – switch to 1080p in the quality setting and make it full size!), here is the teaser trailer:

The friends over at were nice enough to take some hi-res screenshots from the trailer (see them all here), but a small selection is this:

Wondering about the music in the trailer?

The Heavy – Same Ol’ []

BlakRoc – Aint nothing like you (in an accoustic version) []

The whistling at the end is an excerpt from the title track of the spaghetti western “Sfida a Rio Bravo” (click here to learn more about this movie at the SWDB). Here is a YouTube clip to listen to it:

People in the trailer:

The dude with the nice sunglasses commandeering the stage coach is played by James Parks. A bit after minute 1, the people entering the haberdashery, the person on the very right is Channing Tatum. In the beginning, Sam Jackson is sitting on a few frozen corpses. Look closely, we think one of them might be Keith Jefferson.

If you haven’t yet, read Furious Cinema’s Hateful Eight primer here

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4 Responses

  1. sickboy_xl says:

    I love the chess set in the middle of the room. It’s going to be an eight person game. I can’t help but think the The Hangman and Daisy are in cahoots together. I didn’t read the leaked scripts (that ruins all the fun), even though it’s since been modified. The cute “I’m getting hung” gesture just gives me a gut feeling, but with Tarantino, you don’t know what’s going on until you know what’s going on. I can’t wait to see this.

  2. Chris says:

    There are obviously two stage coach drivers at 1:23min. Must be Six-Horse Judy and Ed.