San Diego Comic Con: The Hateful Eight news summary

All you need to know about the panel Quentin Tarantino hosted at San Diego Comic Con, and the news that came out about The Hateful Eight. This is a summary article. If you are following us on Twitter and Facebook, as you should, you have already seen most of this.

The new poster, website and official social media

Early on Saturday, TWC had already tweeted the new official poster for The Hateful Eight.

The official website is where you also find the official channels linked that TWC is using for promo.


Apparently they gave away some cool swag at Comic Con, check it out:

The crew on their way to San Diego

They in fact tweeted some picture of QT and the crew flying into San Diego.

Then they hit the carpet at the convention center.

The Hateful Eight panel and all the facts

Unfortunately we didn’t quite live-tweet from the panel discussion, yet our correspondent Mike was on location and said the footage looked amazing. The movie was shot in Ultra Panavision with the actual lenses used to film Ben Hur. The 70mm is not just a gimmick, “When you shoot a 70mm indoors: it makes everything more intimate, it brings you closer to the actors.” says Quentin. They showed a trailer for 70mm and the technology before they showed film footage. The footage then is  specially cut for Comic Con preview of how the characters meet in the film, it was not a trailer that might hit the net anytime soon. One witness wrote “t’s no exaggeration that the seven minutes shown to us this afternoon constitued the best film I’ve yet seen in 2015.” They then went on with the panel (a summary). We paste a few tweets in here. By the way,  Robert Rodriguez was the one to tell Quentin to cast the amazing Demian Bichir.

Ennio Morricone to score The Hateful Eight

The biggest news of the day however was, that 40 years after the last time he scored a western, the master composer Ennio Morricone will indeed score The Hateful Eight.


Press ops

There were a few press opportunities with cast and crew we were not part of

What to read next

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