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Recently, I’ve come to realize that unless I post a tiny news entry about everything that comes into my inbox, I end up with posts like this one. But I can’t help it, a blog isn’t a Twitter feed. Check out this article where Tarantino talks about violence (article), this one where he wants to be like Howard Hawks (article), or this one where he talks about Vinnie Jones who is with Celebrity Big Brother (Link).

In other news, there’s a new soundtrack release (King of Blue records official website), click here to check it out on Amazon (pre-ordering or buying it with this link supports this website). It’s a compilation of Morricone tracks used by Quentin in three of his movies. Seems decent. Haven’t had a press copy to test it yet, however.

While I was reading a Basterds at Critics Choice  piece (article), I realized I’m a bit late in processing the news, because whoah, the movie conquered three of those little awards already (via MTV)! Best original screenplay, best supporting actor and best ensemble to to the Inglourious Basterds! Big shout-out to QT and the Basterds crew, you folks are amazing! Go Oscars! :)

On the web, “Inglourious Basterds” also took home four awards: best actress, Melanie Laurent; supporting actor, Christoph Waltz; original screenplay, Quentin Tarantino; and cinematography, Robert Richardson.” (via THR)

Last but not least you should check out  the Empire Online mini-piece on Kill Bill Volume 3 (article) and Damon Wise’s well-written report from London (article). The piece is an absolute must read, as Damon not only just sketches how QT’s appearance in London went down, but the article actually paints a super cool and swift stroke of Tarantino’s career. Here’s another article in that direction. Speaking of career, the Oscars are getting closer and the LA Times has another piece and interview, so head over there and check out Tarantino talking about Basterds (LA Times article). Basterds as a so-so period piece of course also lives through its look. There was a piece on the costume design before, but here’s another one (article). Wrapping it all up with a picture of QT and Lee Daniels (Link).

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You’re still reading this? Check out this cool video with Eli Roth. Have you visited our new website about Robert Rodriguez yet? Visit PISTOLERO! Bookmark it, tell friends!

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  1. kill bill fanatic says:

    The link about KB Vol 3 doesn't work and I NEED to read as I loveeeeeeeee this film!!!