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(Instructions on how to win a copy of the Inglourious Basterds screenplay on paperback at the end of this article.)
Inglourious Basterds is being talked up more and more as THE oscar contender (source and here), and the LA Times seems to be on a real campaign to convince the readers of that (here and here). My prediction is that the movie will win a few awards, I’m just not sure if it will be that of the best picture. I do think it’s the best picture of the year (even though I’ve hardly seen even a chunk of all the movies that have been released this year), but I’m not sure if it’s what the oscar jury would award the little fella to, and part of me wishes Quentin would get it for something even bigger, haha. But we’ll see. The Online Film Critic Society has Basterds leading with no less than 8 nominations (source). But there’s more…. “[Quentin] Tarantino will receive the Sonny Bono Visionary Award for being “one of the most gifted, iconoclastic filmmakers of his generation,” according to fest chairman Harold Matzner.” writes Variety about the Palm Springs Film Festival, more about the event here. And last but not least, QT will be awarded the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence in Cinema, on February 18 in London (via NYT), Inglourious Basterds rocked in Phoenix (source), and there’s a really nice and short interview with Quentin, embedded below (via THR /

Real fans already know the Inglourious Basterds screenplay by heart, but here’s another shot at winning it on paperback for those of you who haven’t made that super-necessary purchase (more about the paperback here in The Archives). All you have to do is to “retweet” any message of ours on Twitter (Our Twitter is at: ) or reply to us on Twitter before the end of the week. We draw a winner on Friday. Winner will be notified through Twitter and asked to email us real name and postal address within 24h.

On a sidenote, also follow @RodriguezNews, the new Twitter by our soon-to-be-fully-launched sister site PISTOLERO! And if you can’t wait for the release of A Professional Gun on DVD, which is a Tarantino favorite, then head over to the SWDB for a chance to win a copy!

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