Miramax did not buy Inglorious Bastards after all

Rumor control! This week started with a rumor from Scriptgirl that Miramax had bought the rights to Quentin Tarantino‘s much hyped Inglorious Bastards script. Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere sais that’s bullshit, and … it is. Miramax wasn’t even mentioned when news came out that The Weinstein Company was “shopping” the script to the big four studios, just on a sidenote. The movie will be coming out of the cozy lap of The Weinstein Company of course. Other companies are sought as co-financiers for the project, but nothing specific is confirmed yet. We’ll keep you posted. At the same time according to Variety and THR, TWC seems to have closed a deal with Showtime, a big US pay-TV channel, just on a sidenote for all you business watchers.

Sebastian H

Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives. He lives in Berlin. He also runs the SWDb and GCDb, Furiouscinema.com, robert-rodriguez.info and nischenkino.de

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