Action for Basterds!

It is on, ladies and gentlemen. In a perfect world we’d have a sound bite of Quentin Tarantino yelling “allriiiiiight, aaaaand action!”for you, but you have to use your imagination for now. Inglorious Basterds, the huge mountain QT is starting to ascend, has started filming today in the outskirts of Sebnitz, Germany, with Christoph Waltz and others in full SS Nazi gear stepping into frame for what we can only assume will be one of the most memorable opening scenes of a Tarantino movie ever since, well, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill combined. For Babelsberg Film Studios, where the most of the rest of the movie will be shot, this is the 6th big Hollywood production. For two casting events a few weeks ago, a total of several thousand people showed up, each applicant pursuing the dream of being on a Tarantino movie set. While Quentin is letting his SS villains loose on a poor french farmer’s family, construction is well on the way in and around the studio lot for the main production starting in a few days. For those of you still reading up and down the cast list, here are some quick bits for you: Christian Berkel is playing a Frenchman, and Tarantino veterans Omar Doom and Michael Bacall will both be in the film, Doom playing one of the Basterds. (Sources: / / special thanks to Roland)

Sebastian H

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