Exclusive interview with Larry Bishop on Hell Ride

Exclusive Tarantino.infoLarry BishopWhen you’re dealing with a movie that subscribes to “bikes, beer and booty”, anyone who likes a good fun flick gets excited. In this case, Hell Ride, directed by Larry Bishop, offers more than just that. A bunch of rowdy bikers, Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen at the helm, some really sexy ladies, booze and some spaghetti western tunes. If you haven’t seen the trailer, do it now, because then we’ve got Larry Bishop for you swearing on Michael Madsen’s life that everyone who likes sex and violence will have tons of fun with this.

Tarantino.info: There’s a character credited as “oil wrestling mud devil”, can you here and now promise that it will be as great as it sounds?
Larry Bishop: I swear on Michael Madsen’s life.

Read the whole interview HERE!

Sebastian H

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