Bastards shooting soon?

Ingloriouis Bastards DVDOh my what have we heard about Inglorious Bastards over the years. It’s three scripts, it’s one script, it’s a remake, it’s a TV show, it’s a mini series (my favorite theory), it’s his next flick, it’s his next big flick. Fact is, Quentin J. Tarantino has an ace up his sleeve and that ace is Inglorious Bastards. After diving into the exploitation and homage-ridden worlds of Kill Bill and Death Proof, the big bang? Recently, in the wake of Cannes and a few other occasions, rumors seem to thicken around him not only preparing the ultimate version of Kill Bill for a DVD and possibly even theatrical release by blowing some more life into those good ol’ Anime sequences, but word around the campfire is also that Q is putting the finishing touches to his Inglorious Bastards script and that he might even start shooting this fall. He’s been spotted talking to various, mostly European, actors and other film people, and while possible casting remains pure speculation, it seems pretty sure that legendary Italian action director Enzo Castellari (who directed the original 1977 Inglorious Bastards) might have a cameo in the film. Bo Svenson, who also starred in that classic, and of recent Kill Bill fame has long been rumored to have a part as well. Although there have been many contradicting quotes by QT surrounding this project, he’s recently been quoted saying he had finished a version of the script and plans to finish it when he returns to the United States (he’s currently in Europe) and he is hoping to bring back Inglorioud Bastards to Cannes in two years or so. If he actually starts shooting this fall, we’ll let you know. Here, at The Quentin Tarantino Archives. (Thanks to Federico M. for contributing to this report. Please send us all the scoop, rumors and gossip you hear.)

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