Quentin Tarantino’s all-time top 12 favorite movies

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  1. scherpschutter says:

    It took me years to enjoy Hawks’ westerns, but finally I managed to do so, and today Rio Bravo is one of my favorite films. Seems QT has set a few steps in the opposite direction.

  2. Oriental says:

    I didn’t really like Rio Bravo, a too closed western in the scenery. I prefered a lot more The Seachers.

  3. Pete R says:

    I love both Searchers and Rio Bravo. But Bravo is def the lighter of the two. Its not as dark and disturbing as Searchers. I also find Bravo to be easier to rewatch as just an entertaining, action packed, funny cozy little “hangout” film as QT calls it.

  4. Sheikara says:

    I love “sorcerer!, “Dazed and Confused” “Taxi Driver” “Carrie”!

  5. Roulette says:

    How could you drop Rio Bravo??? That one scene with Dean Martin and the spittoon is pure brilliance. The man could act… And drink…

  6. thomas says:

    for us it´s better that he changed the list. So we can discover other favourite movies like the bad new bears, sorcerer …

  7. lenzi says:

    The 2002 is way more cooler.

  8. Glendon Hart says:

    I love it when Harriet walks in on Coffy and the strung out bitch! That’s right
    before we meet King George and his Yellow Leisure suit. What a scream

  9. Rocker453 says:

    The Good The Bad and The Ugly is beyond epic!