New trailer for Django Unchained

Sony Pictures, sneaky as they are, just released a new Django Unchained trailer via their South-American outlets, that includes a few new shots and moments, some extended shots mostly. To our eyes, the colors look a bit faded, maybe there’ll be a different version surfacing soon. Anyways, that is pretty much it in terms of news for now, all the other news is on our social media channels, follow those if you can! Django is unchained! We’ll update this post when we find anything new from other channels worldwide. Click here for some Django posters

Update #1: Seems like Sony Pictures has taken the video off the net for now. We don’t know yet why , we will keep you posted.

Update #2: We found it somewhere else:

StoryClick here for the official synopsis (in 10 languages): In the American South during the 1800s, a slave named Django is set free by Dr. King Schultz a German bounty hunter so he can help track down some criminal brothers/slavers who had owned him previously. After their initial team-up, the new friends continue to ride along together during which Dr. Schultz teaches Django how to be a proficient professional outlaw catcher. When Schultz later learns of Django’s estranged slave wife Broomhilda, who was sold off to a wealthy plantation owner named Calvin Candie, the two men hatch a plan to infiltrate Candie’s estate and rescue her

So now that we’ve had your curiosity, we want your attention: If you’re as ecstatic about movies as Quentin is, we recommend you check out our sister websites, Furious Cinema, The Deuce, Pistolero and The Spaghetti Western Database.

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  1. Deniz Çevik says:

    Quentin, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. Just kidding, you can have my everything.