It’s a wrap! Tarantino takes Django Unchained to the editing room

After a 126 days of shooting, Django Unchained has wrapped and will be heading for the editing room. It has been an eventful phase of principal photography for Quentin and his crew. Production spanned locations in California (Lone Pine, Los Angeles, etc), Alabama as well as Louisiana (in and around New Orleans) and covered diverse climates from snowy mountains to humid plantation air. Considering that the production of Inglourious Basterds was a fairly studio-centric one, that of Django Unchained is pretty close to the epic effort that was the Kill Bill shoot (which spanned several continents, languages, styles and ended up two movies). At The Quentin Tarantino Archives, we haven’t felt this excited since back when we started and got back into full swing, which was also the Kill Bill days, the Vanishing Point days :) Even though today most of the fan action takes place decentralized, on various online social networks (whereas back then it was fairly condensed and made our message boards an almost legendary place), there has never been that much buzz before, previously.

Django Unchained

Quentin is heading for the editing room with footage of a soon-to-be epic southern/western that includes and absolutely inspiring cast. It will be his first post-production without long-time collaborateur-extra-ordinaire Sally Menke, who tragically passed away last summer. Fred Raskin will step in and assist Quentin in delivering this baby for its December 25 release date (in the US. Click here for all release dates globally). Production designer Michael Riva also passed away, for those who haven’t followed the news that closely. While the movie has gained enormous public attention, especially in the wake of the San Diego Comic-Con, not all that much is known about some of the details of the production, and fans worldwide are anxiously awaiting more information. The script that leaked months ago is not the version of the movie we will be seeing, there are only few hints as towards what kind of soundtrack can be expected (all we know is that it will be amazing) and early reports as well as trailers may not paint the most reliable picture as towards the to-be-expected tone, pacing and length Django Unchained. But stay tuned for more, this is only the beginning – and it will be a most unchained experience. The D is silent!

Django Unchained

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  1. This film is destined to surpass Inglorious Basterds