Video: Definitive Inglourious Basterds references guide

The Quentin Tarantino Archives always had a decent, not necessarily comprehensive, list of Inglourious Basterds references, just as we have for most Tarantino Films (see them here). In fact, our Kill Bill references guide is one of the most popular pages we have. Back to Quentin’s WW2 cult movie, we’re proud to point you to a really well-made video by Stian A. Olsen, called “Inglourious Connections”, where he turned a number of relevant movie references into an animated clip that’s well-edited, informative and fun to watch. We especially dig the music part with the snappy animations. Have a look above. Inglourious Basterds references are of course multi-facetted, as Tarantino brought his vast knowledge of European and international pre- and post war cinema to the game, added a variety of musical scores as well as his own special brands, like Red Apple cigarrettes.

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