Brad Pitt is a Basterd

It’s labor day in most parts of the world (at least I think) and I didn’t even think there might be anything to write about at the end of this long and event-free friday, but the folks at AICN are always good for a surprise. It comes in the form of one badass teaser poster for Inglourious Basterds, featuring Aldo Raine (aka Brad Pitt) in all his neck-scar (in)glory. Take a click below to head to AICN and see the poster in full size! Stay tuned for more as the Cannes premiere approaches…. and pick up the May 3 issue of the New York Times Magazine, which will feature pictures of Quentin Tarantino and Diane Kruger along with an interview (click here for a preview). Update: Kruger interview | QT interview


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