Kill Bill pushes boundaries of BluRay technology

One week until the BluRay releases of both Kill Bill volumes hit American shelves (I guess you can no longer call them DVD shelves, but then again, I’m one of those unlucky individuals unable to afford even an old-fashioned TV these days, not to mention anything HD, but nevermind), and I’m reading a pre-release review of the two discs by a blogger who’s everything else but not a fan of these two movies, nevertheless, he’s flabbergasted by how great the discs are:

Kill BIll Volumes 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray contain reference quality audio and video that will no doubt thrill fans of both films. Yes, they look and sound that good. These releases are highly recommended for fans of the films as I can’t imagine them ever looking or sounding better, at least within the limits of today’s technology (Source)

I suggest you read the whole entry, but skip the first part about the film. They are available from September 9 and are available for pre-order at (here their exclusive bundle). We’re constantly updating our list of Tarantino movies on BluRay, and our special thanks go out to everyone of you out there who is using our shopping links.

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