Even Variety chimes in on the B.S.

This is a sad week for online journalism. The internet is abuzz with B.S. rumors (stands for Bull Shit and also the initials of a dumbass former popsinger) and everyone just reprints/republishes them without using their brains. From MTV to AICN (which runs the story and an article debunking it at the same time, that’s a new one), thousands of people are reading a totally baseless rumor about Quentin Tarantino remaking Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! Not only is that by itself hot air, but posting news about porn stars and pop singers being cast, that is just ridiculous. And to top things, even Variety, a Hollywood paper that used to be a fairly trusted source in the old days before it started playing along with the internet rumor mill and lost all credibility, is reprinting this in Anne Thompson’s blog (what’s up, Anne, where’s the fact-checker in you?). Yesterday I already ranted about this, and I hope today will be the last instance I’ll have to vent my anger by writing about it: If there’s a rumor, treat it like that. Have we arrived in a time where I can just fucking MAKE THINGS UP and it will be in the New York Times? I hope not. Quentin is in Berlin preparing Inglorious Bastards, aka the movie that will knock you out of your chair next year. Last time I checked he does not have a body double running around in tinseltown casting lowlives for non-existant projects.

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