Leonardo DiCaprio in Inglorious Bastards as The Jew Hunter?

Say what you want, but this is getting more and more exciting every day. It seems like Quentin Tarantino, while in France to convince the lucky husband of Angelina “I’m more popular than my dad” Jolie, Brad Pitt to play the leader of the Inglorious Bastards, Lt. Aldo Raine, is also courting no other than Leonardo DiCaprio (who would be new in Tarantinoland) for a role that’s already notorious – among the pitiful souls who have read the script – as The Jewhunter, Nazi Colonel Hans Landa. Imagine that: Brad Pitt, playing one rouch s.o.b. Nazi-scalping bastard, and Leo DiCaprio, playing an S.S. Colonel, that would mean two screen superstars in a face-off only Tarantino can write into the cinematic history books. We’ll keep you posted about the casting news, and any outcome of the Weinstein/Tarantino search for a distribution partner. (Sources: Variety, Empire, Guardian) Edit: This fella here mentions that Saving Private Ryan was the last WW2 film to do well at the box office. I was too lazy to research….

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