Tarantino takes Inglorious Bastards script to the big four

WeinsteinBrought to you by your friends at The Weinstein Company? According to DeadlineHollywood, Quentin Tarantino has taken his project Inglorious Bastards to the big Hollywood Studios this week. The blog, which is a subsidiary of LAWeekly.com, writes Tarantino’s agency has sent out the script to the big four Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Paramount. A former partner of Quentin’s and long time friend Lawrence Bender is apparently attached to the project as a producer. The two had split ways after Kill Bill. Harvey Weinstein is rumored to still be producing but not financing the project, to which Fine (the author) says “This certainly adds fuel to those rumors that The Weinstein Co is having movie money woes”, which was refuted by Weinstein himself in last year’s Entertainment Weekly, where he wrote the Weinstein Company‘s business strategy was by no means shattered by the box office failure of Grindhouse. This news comes amid a flurry of recent reports about Quentin getting the word out about having finished his script for the project that he has once described as being several hundred pages long. After the splitting of Kill Bill and financial, but certainly not cinematical, failure of Grindhouse (which is just now slowly coming out on DVD and Pay TV around the globe), this recent development does not surprise me. If Inglorious Bastards is the monumental war epic Quentin has been talking about, it might indeed be not only a) huge enough to be a potential blockbuster, especially with the help of a major studio and probably only with the backing of one, and b) too big for the Weinsteins alone to finance without putting constraints on QT. All this, mind you, being pure guesswork. From a business perspective all this might be a smart move. Lawrence Bender has in the past attached himself to nothing but promising projects, from Reservoir Dogs to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. All this might be a sign that the script probably blew WMA‘s mind. My money’s on Inglorious Bastards going to be glorious. Let’s hear some more casting rumors, Q. In the meantime, I’m watching Castellari’s 1970 Inglorious Bastards on DVD. The news is going around quickly, IGN, 411, /film and AICN for example. We’ll keep you posted.

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