Django Unchained movie review

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  • James Bonifassi

    Great extensive review of Django. Damn, I can’t wait.

  • cam

    how would you know if there was material missing from the final movie if you hadn’t already read the script?

  • Sebastian

    from the trailer, the soundtrack, various interviews and articles and from what friends have told me

  • Roulette

    Tomorrow is the day! Can’t wait… Better than getting presents I don’t need… Ya know, scarves and things…

  • arthur
  • Steven B. Ridge

    You mention that the Jack Reacher premiere was canceled; are you sure about that? Was it just the premiere that was canceled, or was the wide-release date pushed back?

    The reason I ask is that I saw the movie (in NYC) the minute it was released, at 12:01 AM on Friday 12/21/12, the Sandy Hook shooting was one week before, on Friday morning 12/14/12. So obviously, the movie’s release was not pushed back due to Sandy Hook. (cuz if it had been scheduled to open on 12/14, then it would have opened before the shooting occurred; the fact that it opened on 12/21, the week after the shooting, means that it was not pushed back, but it opened on the date it was scheduled to open, 12/21.

    Watching the movie, which features a sniper shooting into a crowd and killing a bunch of random people (no, I didn’t spoil anything; this occurs in the first five minutes of the movie) certainly made me think of Sandy Hook, and I wondered if the studio considered pushing back the release date. It obviously didn’t.

    So while I am not sure if the Hollywood premiere was pushed back, I am just about certain that the wide release date was not pushed back.

    (btw, this brings to mind Training Day (2001): the studio didn’t want to release a movie about a corrupt cop in the wake of 9/11, when the police were so popular, so it pushed it back a few weeks)

  • Sebastian

    just what I read, that the week the django premiere was scheduled, there was also a jack reacher premiere or party or something, that also got movied

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  • Realisateur Viktor

    I like the way you die, boy

  • Schultz

    How do you rate Django among other QT’s films?