Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair premieres March 27

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  • Shy


  • Gumptionless

    Hell yes! And here is an awesome Kill Bill 3 Trailer to go along!

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  • Gomephrus

    I hope it gets a worldwide release on DVD/Blu-Ray, as I live in Australia.

  • Mike

    I got a ticket im willing to sale for 1,500

  • Mikenator

    Mike, if I ever meet you in person your ass will be violated in the most creative ways.

    Until then,
    Vaya con Dios

  • things to do in denver

    “I don’t think it’s written yet. That one’s not quite ready yet. Last time I saw Quentin he said I hadn’t lost my looks quite enough for him to make this next one!” Actress Uma Thurman insists plans for a third installment of director Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series are still in the very early stages.

  • Radek_kwiecien

    So? Where is it?

  • David Harris

    This would be awesome if released on DVD. I have so far steadfastly refused to buy Vol 1 and Vol 2 on DVD in the hope that one day a combined version would be released. Great news.

  • Thomas Meyers

    I love that movie

  • Charbax

    I saw this at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, I believe I still have my ticket. I think that I actually kept two tickets.

  • sildenafil

    woohoo Tarantino is the best !!!
    Thx for site