Basterds getting closer, our Monday wrap-up

Only days away until the theatrical release of Quentin Tarantino‘s INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Sound good? The reactions in the blog- and twittersphere are mostly positive and excitement is at its peak already. Some of you might’ve caught the movie already at a sneak preview of some sort, feel free to send us your full reviews or thoughts on the film. Before I post some more about the release of the soundtrack and the script on paperback, let me give you a short run-through of what’s been filling up my inbox over the weekend.

First of all, Flickdirect has a short interview with the producer behind Inglorious Bastards, even though the article gets it completely wrong and repeatedly calls Inglourious Basterds a remake, which it isn’t, still worth reading. Same goes for this little peace on Bo Svenson at Phillyblurbs, that also gets the whole “remake” thing wrong, but you should check out if you’re a fan of the 70s Bastards like me. Find out more about the 70s Bastards here. The LA Times then has a little review/article on Basterds that follows the movie’s chapter style and talks a bit about the influences. Then there’s a little piece in the Boston Herald. You can go on reading a nice interview at here, and a nice overview article on Basterds here at the Chicago Sun-Times. Really cool stuff you can find here at Cinemaspy, where they’re doinga series on Exploring the films of QT, check it out (edited, removed, that page is a malicious site now. Feb 4, 2016. AP has some more praise to shed on Chris Waltz (just like the NYT), and a piece on Mike Myers. By the way, have you seen Playboy’s comic-version of the Basterds introduction scene? A nice article on Basterds in, and here’s another interview from TimeOut. An interesting wrap-up of a Basterds screening at a holocaust museum, at heeb mag. MTV has a piece on the Basterds’ favorite QT characters. And to those of you  interested in the biz side of Basterds, here’s a piece in the LA Times on the Weinsteins, an article trying to catch up to the NYT’s in-depth analysis of the Weinstein company, which is a better read, obviously. But they have a decent piece on Eli Roth to make up for it.

Lastly, with BJ Novak having been on Conan, Pitt on Bill Maher’s RealTime and all sorts of other talk show appearances coming up (following us and the real basterds on twitter is a good idea to stay tuned), Tarantino also took some time out of his schedule to introduce a few films at Sky Movies in the UK. The YouTube links are here, here, here, here (on Death Proof) and here (His Top 20 movies since 1993). I think that’s enough for now, we’ll bring you more soon. Thanks to everyone who sent in some links, don’t hesitate to email us if you see stuff we haven’t posted yet.

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