The Basterds have invaded Britain

Inglorious they are. Last nights UK premiere at Leicester square in London must have been a blast. Empire magazine has some footage from the red carpet (click here). Lawrence Bender says “this ain’t your daddy’s WW2 movie”, damn right that. Harry Knowles of AICN twittered a few days ago that the final cut “flies”, and he mentioned the music especially. Quentin Tarantino was at HMV the day before the premiere and signed limited editions of David Bowie’s Cat People soundtrack (click here for a video), also. Personally, the music is what I’m looking forward the most, among a few other things, like great cameos and the already notorious bar scene “La Louisianne”. Quentin reportedly also checked out the Soho nightlife a bit (source), which he will probably also do again, in Berlin (where the movie was actually shot for the most part at Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam), where the premiere goes down Tuesday night, and we’ll bring you exclusive news and a review the day after. The Evening Standard has a few pictures from the London red carpet (click here) and here is also a gallery. And here are four videos from the premiere also ONE, TWO and THREE and FOUR. Enjoy watching. Send us more links if you find them.

UPDATE (Deutsch): Video von SpiegelTV | Review von Filmstarts

Next up, QT will also head to Israel (source) and Sydney, Australia (source) to promote the movie, before returning to Northamerica, where the movie will then open August 21st. So wherever you are (check out our list of release dates, and send in our additions or corrections), and no matter how big your anticipation is, the Inglourious Basterds are coming to a theater near you quite soon.

By the way, if you live in Arizona’s valley, you can catch the original 1977 Inglorious Bastards at the Loft in Tempe (click here).

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