Weekend news round-up

Not exactly a quiet weekend on the Quentin front. First up, we’ve got some rather lurid gossipy material. A tape recording got leaked to the New York Post, which is essentially a conference call between Harvey Weinstein, Tarantino, Lawrence Bender and third person, that originates from Jackie Brown times concerning a dispute between Robert DeNiro and Tarantino over the salary he would get for playing Louis. The incident was downplayed by the Weinstein and the DeNiro camp. It remains unclear what the purpose was of leaking an 11-year old phone conversation.

Second up, Cirio Santiago, the legendary philipino filmmaker that is much admired by Quentin Tarantino, has passed away. Tarantino has recently been in Southeast Asia for film festivals and has also received awards there and met with the director. Some of Santiago’s films are among Tarantino’s favorites.

Lastly, while rehearsing for Inglorious Basterds is on the way, the project looks more and more like the biggest German (!) movie in a long time, considering the already long list of German A and B talents that have been lined up for the movie. The last name to come out of the rumor mill is August Diel.

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