Tarantino cancels Almeria to start production on Inglorious Bastards

This weekend’s Rolling Roadshow “Leone Edition” in Almeria, Spain will be a pivotal event in the calendar of spaghetti western fans that can make it there, including myself and 4 other gringos from the Spaghetti Western Database. Quentin was said to attend and introduce The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but according to the organizers, he has in fact “cancelled and will not be introducing the shows. He has cleared all appearances to begin preproduction on his new feature, Inglorious Bastards. The films will be introduced by regional Leone experts.” That is bad news because this means no cool intro speech we’ve been hoping for, and good news because it means Inglorious Bastards is happening, now. Stay tuned (of course you can read coverage about the Spain event in 2 weeks at the SWDB)


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