Love or hate my movies, writes CNN

Retrospective articles usually aren’t very insightful and bear no news, but CNN‘s Mairy Mackay goes at it and has published a nevertheless nice retrospective piece about Quentin Tarantino, which doesn’t either. The article draws a line from QT’s first experiences at the Sundance Film Festival where he worked on, and then premiered, Reservoir Dogs, through his even bigger breakthrough with his masterpiece Pulp Fiction and his two-part epic Kill Bill, to Grindhouse‘s Death Proof. Talking about Pulp Fiction at the Cannes Master Class, Quentin looks back at where his ideas came from, how he went into directing and what his approach to writing dialogue is. The article even features a clip from the Master Class, but overall, the piece fails to really say anything, it is merely a chronology of quotes that most fans are already familiar with, touching subjects such as Brian dePalma, Sergio Leone, Son of a Preacher Man and Uma Thurman. You can read it here.


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