More Inglourious Basterds pictures

Universal Pictures France has released (through a handful of interesting new pictures from Inglourious Basterds, showcasing some of the central characters of the film such as Landa, Shosanna, Hicox and Zoller, as well as Shosanna’s cinemateque from the outside and a nice look at some of the Hammersmark posters as seen in the movie, most of which we’ve posted exclusively here a few weeks ago (click here to see them all). Click below to enter our pictures gallery:

Also, for a glance at an unreleased Basterds poster, head over to Rama’s Screen to see Fassbender as a Basterd.

PS: We’re mentioned a few times in a very nice 2-page article (in french) by le Monde. Great read, as far as my french skills let me make that judgement. They trace Basterds’ development and mention our exclusive set report for example.


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