Carribean Basterds, running times and last-minute excitement

Yes we wish we could be reporting live from the Croisette, but the world’s not a perfect place, and nothing’s ever honky dory. Instead, we’re giving you daily wrap-ups of the shit you just can’t miss, so that you’re able to stay on top of the Tarantinoverse in between your DVD watching, beer-drinking, Googling and all those other things people do to spend their time outside of work or school. Woah enough with the downbeat tone here, Inglourious Basterds will see the grace of a silver screen in only a few hours (“Nobody has seen Inglourious Basterds, because Quentin Tarantino watched the final print Wednesday night and then brought it to Cannes Friday.” Anne Thompson writes) ! We’re also hearing that there might be some improvements made after this screening (which is common practise, so chill out, chatter blogs of this internet!) in terms of length and sound. Daniel Bruehl was apparently shocked that he’s not really a Basterd (in the poster sense), but of course he wasn’t cut from the movie, the whole story made me laugh. But also, we hear that Enzo Castellari is going to outflank the Inglourious Basterds and send out his Carribean Basterds, isn’t that something. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s waterfall of first impressions, pictures and what have you. But…. let’s be absolutely clear about rule number one: Everybody be cool, YOU BE COOL!

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Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives and has been a fan and observer of QT for over two decades now, cherishing his work and the window in the the wider world of cinema his movies have opened up. Inspired as such, he runs the Spaghetti Western Database (SWDb), the Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb), Furious Cinema, its German sister Nischenkino and The Robert Rodriguez Archives. He lives in Berlin.

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