Variety somewhat chimes in on the Morricone story

A couple of days after we reported that Ennio Morricone is in talks to score Inglourious Basterds, Variety now posts some quotes by ‘il maestro’ about the deal. They quote the master saying that “[Tarantino] has to deliver it by the end of April in time for Cannes [which] doesn’t leave me enough time to do the music. Either I start working on it before he stops shooting — after we discuss it together — or I just can’t do it […] I might end up just writing a couple of tracks.” While Variety correctly notes that Tarantino has made good use of pre-existing Morricone earcandy, they totally get it wrong when they write that the composer had changed his tune by accepting to cooperate on this film. Yes he had declined to score Pulp Fiction, reportedly, but also, he has offered himself to score Kill Bill, which was respectfully declined by Tarantino. So no change in tune, there’s always been an interest for cooperation. Will it happen this time? We hope so, and I am certain that there’s a million strong army out there praying and hoping for this to happen.

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